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    The Little Kid Who Wore A Plastic Bag Messi Shirt Now Has The Real Thing

    The Argentina superstar has sent his little fan a very special present.

    In January, a photo of a small boy wearing a blue and white plastic bag with "Messi" and "10" written on the back sparked a global search.

    Hamayon Ahmadi/Facebook
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    The image was first shared by a Barcelona fan Robin Hirori, who had seen the image on his Facebook feed, shared it on Twitter, and then thought nothing more of it.

    People were so touched by the image, and the boy's ingenuity, that there was a campaign to find him and give him a real Lionel Messi shirt.

    RT to help us find this kid so we can get him the Messi shirt he deserves...

    In February, BuzzFeed News was put in contact with a family in Afghanistan who claimed to be relatives of the boy. They sent an image of the "Messi kid" holding a piece of paper with this reporter's name, to prove he was the child in the original image.

    Hamayon Ahmadi/BuzzFeed

    The boy's name is Murtaza Ahmadi, and he is known in his village as "Messi's biggest fan", there is even a rival child in the village who is known as "Ronaldo's biggest fan", they are often seen playing football together in the streets.

    Subsequently, the Afghan FA have been in contact with Messi's club, Barcelona, and are arranging for the child to fly to Spain and meet his idol, but in the meantime, UNICEF and Messi have sent Murtaza a signed shirt.

    UNICEF/Facebook / Via Facebook: afghanistanunicef

    Messi also donated a number of shirts for Murtaza's brothers and sisters.

    Upon receiving his present, Murtaza said, "I love Messi, and my shirt says Messi loves me."

    Even though Murtaza now has a signed Messi shirt, and has also been given a full Barcelona kit, it looks like he is still going to be wearing his unique plastic bag shirt with pride.

    Hamayon Ahmadi/Facebook

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