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    There's A Campaign To Get Raheem Sterling On A £20 Note

    The Bank of England are currently accepting nominations for iconic Brits to appear on the next £20 note.

    Raheem Sterling's high-profile £48 million move from Liverpool to Manchester City has earned him a reputation as a bit of a moneygrabber. But now there's a campaign to get Raheem to appear on money.

    Alex Micu

    A group of friends have got together to hijack a nomination vote on the Bank of England's website to determine the next Brit to appear on the £20 note.

    It's very unlikely, but it means that Sterling could actually be in with a chance of appearing on the £20 note.

    Alex Micu

    Alex Micu, one of the people behind the campaign, told BuzzFeed UK:

    "Two of my colleagues, who are into football, really want to get Raheem Sterling on the new £20 notes so they are hoping Bank of England will hear them out as they ask the public to suggest characters for the new note."

    The trouble is, the Bank of England are specifically looking for a figure from the visual arts community to appear on the note, but it could be argued that Raheem is adept at visual arts.

    The Bank of England are also unlikely to accept nominations for people who are still alive, unless they set a new precedent. No living person, other than the Monarch, has appeared on UK sterling.

    And the Bank of England have specified they are not looking for "fictional or living characters".

    But one of the friends behind the campaign thinks he can change their mind.

    “The Bank of England say they won’t feature living characters but we think they should make an exception," said Stephen Cross, who is an Arsenal fan.

    "The timing is perfect, he shares his name with our currency and in one deal has probably just earned the country a huge sum in tax”.

    The trio have built a website to promote their cause, and with the Bank of England nominations only open for two more days, they're hoping then can get Sterling on our sterling. / Via

    The group of friends behind that campaign all work together at a marketing agency, but insist that this is not a press stunt on behalf of a brand (or even on behalf of Raheem himself).

    "There is nothing behind it, no brands. It was done for fun by my two colleagues, Simon and Stephen," Alex told BuzzFeed UK.

    Simon Connor is hoping that the campaign might actually unite two north-west rivals: “I think this is the only thing that could possibly unite the fans of Manchester United and Liverpool. But only with the support of the entire football community can we make the Bank of England seriously consider our proposal."

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