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27 Times Scotland Won The World Cup Of Win

They might not be going to the Euros but they bloody well should be.

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1. There's a different level of passion in Scotland.


Don't need to be a lip reader...

2. Even if the passion causes extreme physical pain.

3. The Tartan Army will do anything to get a game on.

BBC / Via

4. Who else flies all the way to Brazil just to cheer on whoever's playing England?

Where were you, eh, Wales?

5. There's no airs and graces.

Reddit / Via

6. Just sincerity.

"Good luck tonight, England, from everybody in Scotland."

7. Perseverance.

Scotland Now

8. Humour.


9. Brutal humour.


10. More than can be said for many groups of fans.

Gordon Strachan to be named Scotland Manager within the next 48 hours. Absolutely ridiculous. What's wrong with the name Gordon?

11. Even when the chips are down.

What would have happened if Scotland had got to the World Cup final.

12. Even when it's not quite happening on the pitch.

Anyone who says there's no place for drugs in sport hasn't tried watching Scottish football sober

13. Because at least that's better than endless chat about "30... 40... 50 years of hurt".

Imgur / Via

14. Even the mascots are on an altogether different level.

Say hello to Kingsley! #partickthistle #Kingsley #football #ukviners (Vine by @GLove39)

15. Down at grassroots level, the game is strong.

"Hi, it's the referee. Just to confirm I've inspected the pitch and the match will go ahead as planned."

16. Even if it gets a bit dicey at league level.

We've all been there.
Caught Offside / Via

We've all been there.

17. And even if it doesn't attract the Leo Messis and Cristiano Ronaldos of this world.

Partick Thistle could have been a little more specific with their new signing #transferdeadlineday

18. It might not be La Liga, but it's easily more entertaining.

Vine / Via

19. The homemade banners are definitely better.

Hibernian fans respond to proposed plans for "facial recognition technology" to be used by Police at football games

20. There's unbridled passion, even from the social media managers.

Twitter / Via @ICTFC

21. Where else would you see a player sneak a teacake out of his pocket on the bench?

22. Or respond to a threat on social media with a picture of a plastic knife and fork?

Twitter / Via Twitter: @thecelticwiki

23. Even five-a-side is better in Scotland.


24. Though as with everything, there's always good...

T5s / Via

25. ...and bad.

T5s / Via

26. But with Scotland... it's mainly good.

Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

27. Scotland fans – making the world of football a more colourful place since 1872.

Not sure I would want this fella's hangover this morning. #scotland #England #tartanarmy #engvsco #wembley