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    People On Twitter Think It's Hilarious That Jordan Henderson Is On The FIFA 16 Cover

    He's the first Liverpool player to ever be featured on the front of the game.

    It's official, Jordan Henderson is going to be on the cover of FIFA 16 alongside Lionel Messi.

    Liverpool FC's new captain @jhenderson wins the #FIFA16UKcover vote! Pre-order now:

    The day started off pretty well for Hendo, he was also confirmed as Liverpool captain.

    Biggest honour of my career so far being captain of this great football club. Thank you for all your support #YNWA

    And people were already predicting that he was going to make the cover of FIFA 16.

    Jordan Henderson named #lfc captain on the day he's also likely to be confirmed as joining Messi on the cover of Fifa 16. That's nice.

    I hope Jordan Henderson gets the FIFA 16 cover as well. New #LFC captain.

    Not everyone was hoping for the same thing though...

    Anyone but jordan henderson on the fifa 16 front please

    If Jordan Henderson is on the cover of FIFA 16 I actually won't buy it

    As it turns out, it was confirmed by EA Sports at 3pm.

    EA Sports

    The best player in the world on the front cover of FIFA 16... with Leo Messi.

    It was quickly pointed out that this has been a pretty good year for the Liverpool youngster.

    The LFC club captain, the face of Nivea (for men) and now this. Some year for Hendo.

    @JimBoardman @BuzzFeedUKFB I think he'd defo say being the face of Nivea is his greatest achievement. The lad's skin is amazing...

    He does have great skin.

    Of course, there were always going to be haters.

    But you can't really blame Liverpool for having more fans...

    Arsenal maintain they have still never lost a vote.


    Whatever, guys.

    And Arsenal fans were pretty keen to pile in on Henderson.

    Jordan Henderson will feature alongside Lionel messi on the next FIFA Cover

    This Arsenal fan made a fairly serious threat.

    If Jordan Henderson is on FIFA 16 I will be forced to take action.

    In fact, Arsenal fans really seemed to take this badly.

    Some people just didn't get it.

    So Henderson scored like 2 good goals last season and all of a sudden he's on the FIFA cover

    Jordan Henderson will be on the same FIFA 16 cover as Messi. Just let that sink in.

    One football fan came up with an alternative interpretation of the FIFA 16 cover.

    Fifa 16 cover featuring Henderson & Messi

    But eventually, one person offered a solution to FIFA 16 fans who don't support Liverpool.

    Sticking this over Jordan henderson's face as soon as I get Fifa

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