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There's A Weird Geographical Quirk About Sweden's Match Against Denmark This Week

Basically, Sweden cannot lose.

People on Twitter and Facebook are going crazy about a language quirk that will come up when Sweden's football team play Denmark on Saturday in their Euro 2016 qualifying match this week. The scoreboard will read:

That's a pretty cool coincidence, right?

BUT the unused letters left over will be:


I mean, obviously the illuminati is at play here.

When Sweden play Denmark and the scoreboard reads SWE-DEN. And the unused letters right DEN-MARK...............holy shit!

When Sweden play vs Denmark it wil be SWE - DEN so Sweden always win ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜‚

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. It's also the same for Cyprus vs Russia.

Bhutan vs Tanzania!

AND Poland vs Andorra!

Mind = blown.

  1. Who is behind this?

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Who is behind this?
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