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    Manchester United's New Women's Kit Has Been Labelled Sexist

    The plunging neckline on the women's version of the new kit cuts far lower than on the men's.

    Manchester United released their new Adidas kit last week, and the plunging neckline on the women's version of the shirt has caused controversy among fans.


    Man United fan Helin was one of the first to point out the difference between the men's kit and the women's kit.

    Seriously @adidas?! why is the V neck so low compared with mens one? Some of us don't like to show cleavage. @ManUtd

    The neckline on the women's kit plunges down towards the Chevrolet logo, whereas on the men's kit it barely reaches the club crest and Adidas logo.

    UPDATE: the V is as low as expected but that doesn't irritate me as much as the lack of black & red strips on the V.

    After being quoted in a Telegraph article about fans' "outrage" over the kit, Helin denied that she was outraged.

    Is this a joke??? A whole Page dedicated to our convos this morning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ I wasn't outraged 😌#MUFC #FML

    She's certainly not the only football fan to comment on the kit, though: People have been arguing from both sides of the fence.

    After a fantastic summer for women's football, this is a step back. #ManUnited #mufc #sexist

    Are people really saying it's sexist because the #ManUnited women's shirt is different to the men's? Get over yourselves

    @MUnitedGirl @adidas @ManUtd just buy the mens one doesn't really make difference on who wears it tbh

    @MUnitedGirl I feel the same way tbh. Some of us don't have cleavage to show. Hence the low cut? It's a struggle.

    Some said they were being forced to buy the men's version of the kit.

    @Lar7aOlivier @MUnitedGirl I'm going men's sadly. Can't be having that cut.

    @MUnitedGirl @adidas This is a disgrace. Women can't even wear normal looking football shirts these days? FML. Looks nothing like the men's.

    @MUnitedGirl @adidas @ManUtd The V neck is so low, the adidas logo is sneaking off under the armpit πŸ˜‚

    This isn't the first time Adidas has released a women's kit with a plunging neckline: The Chelsea kit for last season also featured one, though it doesn't cut as low as this season's Man United kit.


    The Manchester Evening News conducted a poll of readers at the weekend, and 71% said they didn't think the kit was sexist.

    Is Manchester United's new women's replica shirt sexist?

    And it later tweeted examples of readers' comments on the issue.

    @MENnewsdesk why should we buy mens shirts! I was gonna get new shirt but oh hell no! No way my bangers hanging out of a footie shirt!

    @MENnewsdesk will the men's kit have a nice white line around the crotch area so we can ogle at it?

    BuzzFeed UK contacted Adidas for a comment, and the sports firm gave the following statement:

    "Adidas provides β€Žan adult shirt which is a replica of what the players wear. Based on research from fans, we also offer a women's shirt as part of our lifestyle range of products. This range has a slightly different design and fit to give fans a choice."

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