18 Jokes You'll Find Funny If You Love Rugby

    What do you call a Welsh person at the Rugby World Cup final?

    1. With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, it's only right to kick-off with this...

    2. But to be fair, Wales have been training hard for their difficult matches against England and Australia.

    3. Of course, Wales aren't the only major side never to win a World Cup.

    4. Ireland will be hoping to get past the quarter-finals for the first time in World Cup history this year.

    5. And not too many teams will be afraid of South Africa.

    6. A number of different nationalities could make it to the final, when you think about it.

    7. Many will try to get there, but most will fail.

    8. One of the big advantages of a successful World Cup campaign is an increase in the number of people participating in the sport.

    9. Especially if one of the home nations manages to make it to the final.

    10. You'll always hear a fair few rugby puns during a major tournament...

    11. This must be one of the remaining three eighths then...

    12. You'll also likely hear plenty of jokes about Welsh rugby when a World Cup is on.

    13. There really are an abundance of them.

    14. Loads, in fact.

    15. Maybe even too many.

    16. Or perhaps not enough.

    17. Most importantly, there's no "I" in rugby. Unless...

    18. Anyway, probably time to wrap it up now, because...