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Arsenal Fans React To The News That They Have Been Trolled By Spurs

It's like putting a new extension on your house just to annoy your neighbour.

Tottenham have announced that they are building a new 61,000-seat stadium and have forged a partnership with the NFL.

Incredible images of what our new stadium will look like! Exciting times for @SpursOfficial and all our fans!

The new stadium will also host two NFL games every year, for 10 years, and the ground will be complete by 2018.

The 61,000 capacity makes it a few hundred seats bigger than Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, which had Arsenal fans reacting like...

Giphy / Via

U ok hun?

But then Arsenal fans decided it was ON, and (as usual) Twitter was the scene of the battle.

Can't wait until the new WHL is built and Tottenham fans say with a straight face that it makes them a bigger club than Arsenal

Yeah, but say what you really think, Doug.

Many Gooners questioned whether Tottenham can actually fill the stadium.

Tottenham building a stadium with a capacity which they will never fill haha ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚@SpursOfficial

And the news coincided with a Twitter Q&A with Arsene Wenger... so that went well.

Hey Arsene! hereโ€™s my question for @Emirates Q&A: Do you think that Tottenham are shit?

@Arsenal #AskWenger Do you want Tottenham to get relegated?

There were many uses of one particular swearword.

@AdamSchefter they must not know Tottenham are shit

Tottenham building a stadium to seat 61,000, gonna be shit when they fill less than half of it and we win the league there in 3 years

Lol ur still shit "@SkySportsNewsHQ: BREAKING NEWS: Tottenham announce that new stadium will have a capacity of 61,000 #SSNHQ"

Serious shade was thrown.

NFL announce 10 year stadium partnership with Tottenham if there aren't enough helmets at Spurs games already lol #COYI

But one fan did come up with quite a simple solution.

Can we expand the Emirates, just by like 1000 seats to overtake Tottenham again lol

  1. Which stadium will be better?

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Which stadium will be better?
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    The Emirates
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    The new White Hart Lane

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