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    Gervinho Might Have Just Done The Most Gervinho Thing Of All Time

    If true the former Arsenal player has truly cemented his place in our hearts

    Gervinho will be remembered for many things during his time at Arsenal, but mainly this...

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    *That* (non) goal against Bradford, which was pretty much easier to score than miss.

    But now the man with the most infamous hair in football is back in the news.

    Reports in Italy suggesting Gervinho's move to Al Jazira fell through when he started to ask for 'a private beach and his own helicopter'

    Gervinho, who has been a first team regular at Roma, was set for a move to Al Jazira in the Abu Dhabi league, but according to Gazzetta dello Sport the deal has fallen through.

    It has been reported that he demanded a private beach and a helicopter.

    A source at the club reportedly told press that he made "obscene" demands, which led the Italian version of Paddy Power to provide an alternative interpretation to his demands.

    #Gervinho rinuncia all'elicottero; ha trovato una soluzione "alternativa" :-) #Calciomercato #SkyCalciomercato

    So that's back to the drawing board for his agent.

    Gervinho wants a private beach and his own helicopter as part of the deal. Man thinks he has hostages πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    But the good news is that Guangzhou are hiring.

    There's some serious money floating back into the Chinese Super League now, expect a few more to follow Paulinho and Ba. #csl

    And the money in China seems to be good.

    Here's a reminder for prospective clubs that Gervinho can sometimes finish.



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