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19 Guys Who Failed So Hard At Football They Almost Won

Want to see real talent? Look no further (H/T T5s).

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1. Five-a-side football attracts some of the most talented players in the country.

6. But, if you can't find one, just settle for this guy.

He'll do.

7. Or this guy.

(Great assist).

8. Or, if you're really desperate, this guy.

10. A chance to show your mates what you've got in the locker.

Is that Pele?

11. Always play like there's a scout watching you.

13. If you can't get the ball, get the man.

15. Remember there are always aspects of your game you can work on... like heading.

16. Or even just your celebration.

17. But quite often, it'll be your finishing that lets you down.

Close mate.

18. Like... really lets you down.

19. But always remember: No matter how shit you are, there's always someone worse than you.

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