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Everything You Need To Know About Novak Djokovic's Wimbledon Victory

Roger Federer was the fan favourite, but Djokovic was in impeccable form. Oh, and Benedict Cumberbatch was there, btw.

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Wimbledon is the biggest event on the tennis calendar, but it's also a British sporting phenomenon that practically the entire country stops to watch.

And this year it all started with Andy Roddick's tie stealing the show.

Andy Roddick must sort his tie out #WimbledonFinal

But don't worry, he apologised and we have forgiven him β€” as long as he doesn't do it again.

I am horrible at tying a tie. My apologies to classy people everywhere #Wimbledon #canttieatie


Benedict Cumberbatch made a lot of people very thirsty.

#BBC1 good work filling the time before the award presentation. #Wimbledon #BenedictCumberbatch

And photobombed everybody around him (obviously)...

Photobombing at Wimbledon too, Ben? Hope not πŸ˜ͺ❀️ #BenedictCumberbatch #Wimbledon

Roger Federer served first, and judging by the ROAR from the crowd when he won the first point, he was clearly the fan favourite.

Julian Finney / Getty Images

It seemed like the crowd was willing the seven-time Wimbledon champion to win a historic eighth trophy.


Well whoever wins this, I think we can all agree that tennis was the real winne... oh bollocks, COME ON RODGER! #WimbledonFinal


Roger took the first set, and was very much on the ball.

Djokovic checks his should too! #Wimbledon


It felt like most of the country was urging Roger to come out and win the second set. Even members of the animal community stood up and took notice.

Look who has just turned up at Court side, enjoying the drama

Though not quite everyone was on his side.

Think I might be the only person in the UK who isn't madly in love with Roger Federer.

And some people weren't watching at all, including Welsh rugby international George North. But a well-meaning bird warned him to go back inside and watch the match.

Just been pooped on by a bird! That's good luck right? πŸ“πŸ’©πŸ˜–πŸ‘Ž

<3Roger Federer<3 took the second set, and it was level at 1-1, but spots of rain started falling because... England.

I do hope Benedict hasn't been rained on. #WimbledonFinal

Julian Clary had his priorities in order.


But the powers that be decided NOT to close the roof because Wimbledon is supposed to be an outdoor tournament, you guys.

You wan't the roof? You can't handle the roof! #WimbledonFinal

The third set slipped away from Federer, and this pretty much summed everything up for fans of Feds.

But Djokovic fans were feeling more like this...

Federer HAD to win the fourth set to stay in the match, but Novak started strong...

But at one point he ate a snack that he really didn't seem to like, so it felt like Federer still possibly maybe had a chance.

And then he ate some grass... (as usual).

.@DjokerNole getting a taste of Wimbledon grass. #Wimbledon2015 #WimbledonFinal

Novak told the BBC that it "tasted very good" this year, which the groundskeeper will surely be happy to hear.


Tim Henman will now go back into storage.

Tim Henman will now be cryogenically frozen for the next 350 days. Friends won't notice the difference. #WimbledonFinal

Fans of Federer still made their feelings clear.

We will always support &amp; love you πŸ™hard luck Champ thank you for the great tournament Always with youπŸ’œ#WimbledonFinal

You lost but you stay the greatest player of all time. #WimbledonFinal #RogerFederer


And he can do a fantastic curtsy.

A nice curtsy from #Wimbledon champion Novak Djokovic! #BBCTennis #NovakDjokovic (Vine by @BBCSport)