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27 Times Man United Fans Ruined Football For The Rest Of Us

Want to see my Gary Neville tattoo? Let me just pull my trousers down.

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1. It's not easy being a Manchester United fan these days.

Premier League/Sky Sports

2. But it's not this bad...surely?


3. The club have planted players in the crowd to improve the mood.

Sky Sports

4. But it's not working.

This is how bad old Trafford is #boring #howweallfeel

5. From the outside, it seems like there's a pattern emerging among United fans.

Welcome to Vanchester sign in Piccadilly. Love it. #mufc

6. They don't seem to have spotted it.

Premier League/Canal+

7. But it's definitely there.

Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images


Alex Livesey / Getty Images

9. The key to breaking the pattern is just not to make sweeping radical statements.

@MUFC_today If LVG is manager of our beloved United at the Chelsea game, I will drink my own urine. #MUFC

10. Because they can come back to haunt you.

11. Maybe it's for the best just to stay off Twitter.



Hahahaha oh my god im a united fan but this is embarrassing

13. Don't do anything to draw attention to yourself.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @James_Fielden

14. Definitely don't make homemade signs.


15. Or sell scarves emblazoned with the face of the man who led one of your biggest rivals to multiple pieces of silverware.

Don't look, Louis - Jose Mourinho Manchester United scarves on sale within sight of Old Trafford this afternoon

That'd be daft.

16. Or chant his name.

Did i just hear Jose Mourinho chants at Old Trafford?

Chants of Mourinho at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge. He really is the #specialone

17. Things have got so bad they've tried to get the police involved.

Facebook/GMP North

18. United fans are getting in the news for all the wrong reasons.

19. Like getting a tattoo of Gary Neville in the groinal region.

Hey @GNev2 had this done today. Love you mate


20. But at least that person knows who Gary Neville is.

What happens when two of the worst types of people - Man United fans and Beliebers, are mixed together? This! #Awful

21. You know you've hit a new low when you're getting mugged off by Aberystwyth Town on Twitter.

Hey @ManUtd , we are all off to Europe... Are you??? @EuropaLeague

22. And begging former players to come back, like a needy ex.

Man United fans fly "Come home Ronaldo" banner during Real Madrid's match at Villarreal.

23. But it feels like United fans are brining it on themselves.

If you needed proof that united fans are the worst kind


24. 100% bringing it on themselves.

You will never unsee that now.

You will never unsee that now.

25. Case in point.

@WankersFullKit as a United fan. I find this embarrassing. Disgusting. #customisednamewanker

26. At least they got the spelling right on that one.

Ждем футболку @Irina_MUFC RT: @NOT_MOTD: Man United fan buys £80 shirt with ROONY printed on back. How embarrassing.

27. Never change, United fans. We need you.

Twitter / Via Twitter: @TotallyManU

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