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Chelsea Fans Are Calling For Mourinho To Be Sacked After Woeful Form

People on Twitter are not being kind to the Chelsea manager.

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Mourinho started the day on the defensive. Claiming before his side's match against Everton that he is not going to be sacked.

Jose Mourinho says Chelsea are "not going to sack" him, and he has no intention of leaving.

Mourinho had clearly set up his team to be defensive.

Mourinho plays arch pragmatist as he puts Mikel alongside Matic to stiffen up the midfield with Fabregas in the 10 role. Zouma, no Cahill.

But he wasn't counting on this man... to be fair none of us were counting on this man.

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Steven Naismith came on as a sub after just nine minutes, replaced the injured Besic. And it wasn't long before he found the back of the net after a superb piece of skill and a cheeky one-two.

And the tactical move completely backfired.

Mourinho's picked Mikel and Matic to protect Chelsea's defence but both were AWOL for the two goals. No protection whatsoever.


3 - Steven Naismith is the first player to score against a Jose Mourinho team in three separate PL games. Hunted.

Shortly after his first goal, Naismith capitalised on poor defending from Ivanovic to make it 2-0.

Then his team's fans started to turn on him.

Costa and Ivanovic shouldn't be playing this match! Why mourinho why??????????

Deluded Ivanovic,Clueless Mourinho,this is disgusting. Why is Mourinho keep having the same 4231 formation that isn't working at the moment


And the rest of footballing Twitter followed suit...

47 days since Mourinho claimed Hazard was better than Cristiano Ronaldo... still waiting for some evidence...

. @bglendenning said 6 weeks ago Mourinho would be gone by the end of the season. I said this was absurd. Couldn't happen, could it?

Chelsea now four goals off the total they let in under Mourinho in the whole of 2004-05.

Jose Mourinho right now! #EFC #CFC


'Jose Mourinho. Keep playing defence man!'

Mourinho managing his team and operating the Chelsea Twitter account, fair play.

Arsenal supporters have now unfurled a "Chelsea Supporters Welcome" banner.

There was, er, some consolation. People were at least admiring his new coat.

Mourinho's coat is unbelievably sick.


At half time it was looking pretty bleak, despite Matic managing to pull it back to 2-1 with a superb goal.

Biggest decision for Jose Mourinho to make at half time is Jobsite or Fish4Jobs.

But in the second half, Naismith scored AGAIN to make it 3-1.

Steven Naismith the first player to score a hat-trick against a Jose Mourinho team. [@migueldelaney]


It meant Chelsea have now conceded more goals this season than Sunderland... SUNDERLAND.

No, it's not because Mourinho passed Willian the Aux.

The Chelsea bus is well and truly up in flames.

Everton fans started taunting Mourinho after their third goal went in.

Everton fans singing "You're getting sacked in the morning." No idea who they're chanting at though. #EvevChe

And Chelsea fans followed suit...


But not ALL Chelsea fans.

- No, we shouldn't have started RLC - No, we cannot sack Mourinho - No, Kenedy shouldn't have started instead of Hazard/Pedro

Disappointing. Got to hope Roman don't lose his head and sack Mourinho. Best in the business. He'll get it right given time

Either way... it's not looking good right now.

Jose Mourinho, has never lasted more than three seasons at any club.

In his post-match interview, Jose Mourinho said he wasn't feeling any pressure, and simply told his critics: "I am a champion."