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    17 Jokes Guaranteed To Make Arsenal Fans Laugh

    We asked Arsenal fans to take the piss out of Spurs fans, and here’s what happened…

    1. With Arsenal taking on Tottenham this weekend in the North London Derby, we asked Arsenal fans if they wanted to take the piss out of Spurs fans on BuzzFeed. (They did)...


    2. They piled in.


    3. One of them pointed out something we'd never really noticed before.


    4. Proof that football and food isn't always a good combo...


    5. Someone just sent us this tweet with the accompanying caption.



    6. This one is harsh but fair...


    7. Let's not even talk about the last time Spurs won the league...

    8. Actually, might as well...


    9. Tottenham can never let this particular sponsorship deal happen.

    BuzzFeed/Tottenham Hotspur

    10. This one is very much fact, but funny nonetheless.


    11. To be fair, Spurs fans have nothing else to do midweek.


    12. This is disturbingly accurate.

    BuzzFeed/Twitter / Via

    13. It seems like the protagonist of this story could have made some money out of this...


    14. Here's an oldie but a goldie.


    15. This is big, if true.


    16. This is the second joke we received about police and people breaking into White Hart Lane.


    17. And someone just sent us this photo, with the accompanying caption.

    BuzzFeed / Getty/UEFA

    That would be a decent team...

    Arsenal fans, according to this video, if you bet a Spurs fan £20 you'd finish above them in 1995, and did double or quits up until this season, you'd have earned £10,485,760.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Copa90

    That's a lot of money...