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    14 Things We Learned From Arsenal's 1-0 Win Over Chelsea

    Arsenal managed an historic first win against Mourinho's Chelsea, and here's what we learned...

    1. We can no longer have nice things.

    It was nice while it lasted guys, but this is the end of football, this is why we can't have nice things.

    This photo of this particular Arsenal fan wearing a scrum cap, in homage to new keeper Petr Cech, did not go down well on Twitter.

    It's not clear if it's better or worse than a half and half scarf, but it's up there... it's definitely up there.

    2. This guy called it in June.


    3. It's not hard to head a football.

    This beautiful, wondrous Vine shows Jose Mourinho after Ramies missed a first half header to put Chelsea level.

    See, Ramires, it's not hard, mate.

    4. Arsenal are playing as a team though, but their success will still be dependent on consistency.

    Ian Kington / Getty Images

    Arsenal look magnificent, all their players are on the same wavelength and they're incredibly organised in the final third.

    Barring the occasional capitulations we've come to expect from them over the past few seasons, they could actually have the best chance to win the league since The Invincibles.

    But while their quality isn't in question, their ability to go the distance is. With Arsenal, Man City, Man United and Liverpool all making improvements over the summer, let's hope this season is more exciting than the last.

    5. Chelsea could be on thin ice if Diego Costa suffers with injuries again this season.

    You can see from the Vine above that Diego Costa is not a big fan of the sunshine, but he is a bag fan of banging goals in and upsetting defenders.

    Most neutral fans are hoping Falcao will get back to his resplendent best again, but if he doesn't, the option of Remy and Falcao feels an awful lot like Ba and Torres all over again.

    Hopefully, for the sake of Chelsea fans' sanity, Diego Costa will be back from injury ASAP, and his hamstring troubles won't become a regular thing.

    6. Arsenal are going to win the league... or at least that's what their fans think, after one match... which was a friendly.

    7. But seriously, Arsenal fans, just stop now. Please.

    Honestly, stop it.

    @Bookieinsiders Seems the Arsenal have one too many Full Kit Wankers...

    Oh ffs...

    8. After both having a tricky season last term, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott need an injury-free season.

    Stuart Macfarlane / Getty Images

    Arsenal possess two of the brightest young English talents, but both Walcott and the Ox desperately need a season without serious injury.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain's injury before the 2014 World Cup came at a time when he was at the very top of his game, he looks like he's back in that sort of form again now.

    Walcott's return from injury with a hat-trick, and a bright performance in the Community Shield could give him the impetus to go on and silence any of the remaining doubters.

    Arsenal have a problem with injuries, everybody knows that, but this season, if they want any chance of winning the Premier League, they need to keep players like Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain fit, and help them finally go from promising youngsters to established first-choices.

    9. Arsenal's entire squad all have the same hairdresser.

    David Price / Getty Images

    If you could pass on their details, that'd be great.

    10. This is a thing now, apparently.

    BT Sport

    This was the bizarre moment Ivanovic stood in an offside position in order to block Cech's view of a free kick.

    But then he moved at the way and...

    11. Cech proved he's still got it.

    Ian Kington / Getty Images

    This incredible save from Petr Cech to keep Arsenal in the lead is probably a sign of things to come. They've not had a lot of luck when it comes to reliable keepers in recent years, but that's probably about to change.

    12. Wenger CAN beat Mourinho.

    Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

    ...And that's probably more significant than winning the Community Shield.

    13. Not that it seems to have fazed Mourinho...

    Who shook the hand of every Arsenal player, and then gave his medal to a kid in the crowd.

    14. Who threw his medal to a 10-year-old fan in the crowd.

    And that's why we love having him in the Premier League.

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