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    • richardaf

      He suggests we suspend immigration of an ethnic and religious group. This isn’t hitler. He’ll this isn’t even as extreme as FDR and the Japanese interment camp. For some reason, it cannot even be suggested that we suspend immigration for a sorry time to take inventory so that we can be safer. Not allowed. If you even suggest it, you’re a monster. Nevermind that isis primises more terrorists disguised as every day normal Muslims. Trump isn’t saying all Muslims are bad. He’s just saying that we should put the breaks on until we can establish a system that will save lives. Yeah, what a monster. I’m not sure I agree with Trump, to be honest. I think better border security on our southern and northern boundaries would be more worth or while. But I don’t think Trump’s suggestion earns him the kind of vitriol that I see here. I’m nervous about using ethnicity and religion as an excuse to target people. Maybe I’ll be next. But I’m also upset about the mass shootings in California and France. I’m also concerned that I might be next. So can we have a meaningful dialogue about how we can fight these terrorists and make America safer? Or must we ressort to make calling and overreaction every time someone makes a suggestion?

    • richardaf

      This sucker is going to tank unless they fix some glaring issues: the pay to play used games concept isaterrible idea. This alone could make the new consoleacolossal failure.Icannot understand how Microsoft could be that out of touch with gamers.
      Also, the games have got to seriously impress or everyone is going to be yawning.Ilove my Xbox and recent-generation games are great. Why on earth shouldIbuyanew expensive console and probably more expensive games foramarginal increase in quality?

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