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    • ricardawanc

      If racists had the power to turn black-face into an “instrument of humiliation”, then why the fuck can’t we have the power to tell those racists to go fuck themselves and turn it intoasimple means of dressing up as someone else? We have to stop running away from everything supposedly racists, we have to take it and “de-racist” it (what do you mean, this isn’taword, it isaword now :P) to take away this kind of power from those people. By declaring all things “race sensitive” taboo, we just indirectly support the remaining racists, and hinder any kind of progress. I’mawoman and don’t run around being offended by “women can’t drive” jokes-I laugh and carry on.
      Can’t we all just laugh and carry on?
      *prepares for the inevitable shit storm following this very unpopular opinion*

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