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Seven Of The Best WWE PPV Theme Songs Ever

Theme songs often make a Pay-Per-View more memorable, and sometimes even great themes manage to eclipse the actual events themselves. But room on this list is limited. Themes were cut, songs were muscled out and ultimately the weaker tunes were shown... No Mercy. So, here's seven of the best of the rest!

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1. 'No Mercy' - KIT (No Mercy, 2016)

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Ok, I've already overdone it with the No Mercy mentions but my goodness me, this song by L.A. based thrash-pop band KIT makes them worth it. Setting the tone for an event dominated by a Career vs. Title match between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler respectively, the ominous marching beat in the first half of the song screams drama and the lyrics reflect the rivalry perfectly.

"I am the one who's taken joy in your pain... no mercy."

That's cold, and it's exactly the sort of shit you'd expect to hear coming out of The Miz's stupid smug mouth.

Dolph and The Miz are on opposing rosters now but considering the amount of times their paths have crossed, I doubt this song will have acted as any sort of full stop in their story. Dolph and The Miz will most likely still be feuding in some capacity come No Mercy 2026.

2. 'My Way' - Limp Bizkit (Wrestlemania X-7, 2001)

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'My Way' by Fred Durst and friends is one of the most memorable theme tunes of any PPV in history. Limp Bizkit were enduring the heights of popularity during 2001 (the band, not necessarily Durst himself) and lending their song to a Wrestlemania event was a no brainer as far as casting the net for more fans went. However, the success of the song at this event was actually largely due to the excellent video package that went with it for a huge main event - The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship.

Whether you like the Bizkit boys or not is purely a matter of opinion (this writer enjoys diving headfirst into their back catalogue on occasion) but there's no denying this song enhanced a stacked card at Wrestlemania X-7.

3. 'Wrestlemania' - Wrestlemania IX (Wrestlemania 9, 1993)

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"Are you ready for the Survivor Series?!"

An inexplicably weird opening line used for this event's theme tune, but nevertheless it is an absolute classic and is your reward for staying with my article so far.

The bewildering intro quickly excuses itself from the song as the sound of a beat more 90s than a tie-dye t-shirt muscles its way onto the scene. Nostalgia runs wild and synths take over. The true beauty though lies in the verses of this... this beautiful piece of art.

Instead of using much in the way of actual lyrics ("Pump it up, pump it up"), the song utilises the promo talents of Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Tatanka, The Big Boss Man, The Nasty Boys (weren't on the show), Bret Hart and The Big Boss Man (again for some reason).

This is a wonderfully cheesy, self-promoting titan of a musical performance and should be used as the Wrestlemania theme song every year with different angry, cringeworthy promos each time. Glorious.

4. 'Always' - Saliva (Survivor Series, 2002)

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Moving on to more sober matters.

The first ever Elimination Chamber took place at Survivor Series 2002. A hellish and dangerous structure, six superstars stepped into a Chamber that breathed new life into gimmick matches at a time when standard cage and Hell in a Cell matches needed some new ideas. It was fresh, exciting, innovative and would stand the test of time on PPV cards for years to come. All of that felt much like what Shawn Michaels would provide in the years following his return to WWE. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship was a redeeming moment for the Showstopper and, despite losing the Championship only a month later to Triple H (go figure), it was the moment that everyone knew HBK was back for good.

'Always' was an appropriate song then for a man who had faced demons in his personal life and conquered them, coming out on the other side a changed man. Shawn Michaels' legacy picked up where it left off right here, he himself proving he still had what it took to compete and would therefore always be considered one of the greatest of all time.

5. 'Bodies' - Drowning Pool (ECW One Night Stand, 2006)

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Now. At this time ECW's reputation clearly preceded it. Extreme by name and nature, the company was always keen to court controversy with their brutal brand of in-ring battles while also striving to impress fans with the pure technical wrestling on show from some of their roster as well. It was a shame then that the company folded in 2001, only to be absorbed and resurrected by Vince McMahon around 2005 in what would become a horribly watered down bastard child of its former self.

However, ONS 2006 provided another opportunity to gift hardcore fans a slice of memorabilia from Paul Heyman's brainchild five years after it was dragged kicking and screaming out of independent existence. One year after the original ONS, 2006's show featured stalwarts of the old brand such as Sabu, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam competing, with the latter shockingly defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship. The fans in attendance and around the globe ate up the tribal nostalgia of the event. Until that moment, no self-respecting ECW fan had ever imagined for a second that they would actually get to see their own Superman beating Super Cena on ECW turf. It was a big ol' middle finger to WWE from the ECW faithful.

With that being said, the show clearly needed the sound of angry, tribal nostalgia to accompany it. The sound to accompany a throwback to a time when extreme ruled. The sound of defiance against ever fully dying. Drowning Pool's 'Bodies' was therefore a stroke of genius to this writer. Like ECW, it will be remembered fondly by some and with sheer contempt by others, and despite having been released in 2001, there are still no signs of it ever fully dying either.

6. 'Lights Go Out' - Fozzy (Summerslam 2014)

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Y'know what happens... y'know what happens when I include 'Lights Go Out' by Fozzy in this article? You know why I included it? I included it...


Sorry. Anyway:

1) Chris Jericho himself wasn't quite Super Best Friend Scarf Fiend List Making Jericho by this point. He was still Business Savvy As Always Jericho, getting his own band featured on an international pay-per-view to increase interest in them whilst also engaging in a feud with the creepy, exciting and potential unlimited youngster Bray Wyatt. Jericho lost, but he put both Fozzy and Bray over, dammit.

2) 'Lights Go Out' is an excellent way to describe John Cena's consciousness during his absolute mauling at the hands of Brock 'Sixteen German Suplexes' Lesnar in the Main Event.

3) Again, the title of the song was a good way to describe your chances when being pitted against Stephanie McMahon or Triple H at the time, as Brie Bella found out. Against Stephanie McMahon obviously, not Triple H. Triple H v Brie Bella may not have gone very well at all.

4) It's a good song in reality, and you all know... it.

7. 'Happy Song' - Bring Me The Horizon (NXT Takeover: Respect, 2015)

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S-P-I-R-I-T. Spirit. Let's hear it.

The last song on this list comes from Sheffield noise merchants Bring Me The Horizon, and their tune Happy Song perfectly represents how NXT felt by the end of 2015.

Following on from WWE's Match of the Year between Bayley and Sasha Banks at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Respect had gathered a considerable buzz about it. There was to be a rematch between the two in a 30 minute Iron Man match. Intriguing, but not the only reason for such interest. The true hype lay in the fact that this was the first time in NXT history that the women's division would main event a Takeover special.

The card also featured the culmination of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in honour of the late, great Dusty Rhodes who passed away earlier in the year. Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Baron Corbin, American Alpha and The Revival all featured and excelled in the tournament, showcasing what the future would hold for the main roster. The talent on the card was undeniably exciting.

Storytelling, talent and indeed spirit was on show that evening. As ever, a well chosen soundtrack only served to make the event more memorable.

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