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  • Coolest Geek World Record?

    Well… maybe, it involves high voltage, motorcycles and leather suits. My name is Brandon Miller, on the track I am known as the Electric Cowboy. I have been the first person to do many things on an electric motorcycle including being licensed to race on a 2012 Zero S with Chuckwallah Valley Motorcycle Association. Starting September 15th 2012 for several days, I will be at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, attempting to set the world and national records for partially streamlined, and/or non-faired electric motorcycle under 150kg. This will be my first time setting either a national or world record, and is very exciting. What is even more exciting is that I will be setting these records on a production electric motorcycle, a 2012 Zero S ZF6, which anyone can buy. The bike is slightly modified with a single bar end mirror and a tail chop by Hollywood Electrics. On my first few runs, I plan to set the record using the bikes default settings, straight from the factory. After I have proven the bikes factory settings, I will modify the controller software settings and possibly make some small hardware modifications to see how much power and speed I can really get out of the bike. From the factory the Zero S should do 88mph on a flat asphalt surface, and with my modifications I have had the bike to 100mph. The salt may slow my speeds down, however, I will do my best to compensate for that slowness by finding and utilizing more untapped power in the bike, hardware or software. Thank you for your support, and I will be sure to thank each and every one of you personally to express my deepest gratitude for your help in supporting me to make history.

  • Mother of 4 Natalie Miller VS Iron Chef Bobby Flay

    Local celebrity Natalie Miller, Looper’s Grille and Bar owner from Bethlehem PA. is making quite a stir about the upcoming visit from Food Network Star, Bobby Flay. Well actually it is her fans and followers making the stir about his visit to a local Wegman’s grocery store for a book signing on Sept. 28th. She has a group of 500 and growing people from the Bethlehem Allentown area clear to Japan all trying to get Chef Bobby to meet her for a little competition. All this commotion is even starting to be picked up by the local news stations and papers. It seems tweets have been going out from various members of the media calling on Chef Flay to go head to Head with Mrs. Miller. Mrs. Millers supporters have even made a facebook group called Bobby Flay & Natalie Miller Throw-Down!!!. For the most part the crowd seems to be after a good clean competition between two amazing chefs all in fun. There are the occasional call outs to try and “egg” Chef Flay on, but all in all it is a very respectable crowd. Which is quite astonishing for such a large group gathering in just a few hours. The group description reads : This group is made to show our support for a throwdown between Natalie Miller and Bobby Flay. Both are GREAT Chefs and good competitors. It would be an amazing show, and make many many people happy. Chef Natalie has brought her children up on the Iron Chef starting with her oldest ( me, Brandon). They used to stay up late after his bed time and watch the Japanese version before it became popular in the US, and both remember the day Bobby was Crowned Iron Chef! I later went on to study in Japan, as well as marry a lovely young Japanese lady. The early versions of the show peaked my interest in the language and obviously had a great impact on me and my future. Iron chef is part of who I am. Natalie, the best Mom in the world as I like to call her, is also is very charitable running many fundraisers for cancer and those in need. She, family, friends and clients even raised over 5K with my Japanese host father & the Kanuma Higashi Japanese Rotary club to help with efforts after the March 2011 quake in Japan. We all believe she deserves a chance to compete with another chef of her caliber. Her recipes can be found in many restaurants including one of Emeril Lagasse’s. She has earned it, and we all love her for it! Who knows what will come of this mothers challenge, but it seems that the people are speaking up with what they want, and that is to see Mother of 4, Natalie Miller up against Iron Chef Flay in an exciting, competitive, and fun throw-down.

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