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    I Watched The First Episode Of "CID" For The First Time And OMG I Have SO MANY Thoughts

    This show is iconic, tbh.

    Hello doston! You know me β€” I'm Ria! I watch stuff and write about it.

    I like to think that I've watched a lot of the really iconic Bollywood films and TV shows out there, but once in a while, I come across some masterpieces of Indian pop culture that I haven't yet experienced. And then I watch them, of course.

    Today, it is the iconic, famous, record-setting show... (*drumroll please*) "CID"!

    Daya and abhijeet brandish guns while acp pradhyuman looks into the camera
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    Naam toh suna hi hoga!

    "CID" premiered in January 1998, making it a solid year older than I am, and aired for almost 22 years on Sony. It had over 1500 episodes and finally ended in October 2018.

    What a run! It won various awards and accolades, and was even added to the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for the episode "The Inheritance", which was a single-shot episode of 111 minutes of total runtime. Wow! 🀯🀯

    Sadly, I had never watched "CID". Not even one episode. I know some of the characters, the basic plot structure, and of course, the Daya memes, but I wanted to educate myself about this iconic show. So I decided to watch the first episode of the series, titled "Kissa Zeher Ka (The Poison Case)".

    The opening credits displaying the title of the first ever episode of CID
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    Let's go!

    🚨🚨🚨Many spoilers ahead, of course. Beware!🚨🚨🚨

    We start with this name frame overlaid with some very snazzy 90s intro music...

    The opening credits of CID
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    This man is smoking a pipe. How quaint! He's also working, talking on the phone, drinking some milk, and taking his medication. Multitasking!

    A bespectacled man smokes a pipe and works
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    Based on the way it's shot, I'm betting he's going to die soon. RIP in advance.

    I'd forgotten how hilarious murder sequences can sometimes be, tbh. The man appears to experience some discomfort, struggles a bit, falls here and there, and finally, after some incredible acting, he dies.

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    Yeah, I predicted this.

    ACP Pradyuman is called to the scene! He's actually called Senior Inspector Pradyuman right now, which means that he gets a promotion sometime during the series. Hmm, I didn't know that.

    ACP pradhyuman walks as the crowd behind him looks at him
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    He is told that prima facie, it seems to be a case of death by suicide.

    Obviously, that's not right. There are some logical leaps, but eventually Pradyuman concludes that it must've been murder.

    ACP pradhyuman and his team examine the crime scene
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    And the poison must have been in the milk! This entire deductive sequence is unintentionally hilarious because of the overacting, but it's very entertaining. The jazzy disco-ish background score really adds to the vibe.

    The victim (who is a lawyer and everyone refers to as "Vakeel Saab") lived with his sister. So she's obviously the prime suspect.

    A woman cries while ACP pradhyuman interrogates her
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    We are also introduced to some suspects, such as a jealous neighbour, and Radha, the victim's niece.

    Several women are being interrogated by ACP pradhyuman
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    There are too many women suspects. This episode seems to be sticking to the old, sexist saying, "poison is a woman's weapon."

    We get to see some fake-looking forensics tests. Can someone watch this episode and confirm to me if this is scientifically accurate?

    Fireworks Productions

    The milk is tested in the lab (with some questionable chemistry involved) and woah it does not have any poison, after all! Poori theory pe doodh pher gaya.

    But wait β€” The senior doctor thinks it could be a case of cyanide poisoning. And then, traces of cyanide are found on Vakeel Saab's fingers, too.

    Fireworks Productions

    This seems to clinch cyanide poisoning as the murder method. But how was the poison administered?

    Pradyuman sits in a rocking chair in a dark room and does some thinking. Strange mindfulness strategy tbh, but seems to be effective.

    Fireworks Productions

    He concludes that further search of the crime scene is necessary to get clarity.

    In a plot twist I actually never saw coming, one of the CID team members, while checking the bookshelves at the crime scene, accidentally consumes some leftover traces of cyanide and dies. Wtf?

    Fireworks Productions

    I was NOT expecting this. I'm hooked. 

    At this point, the first part of the episode ends and the second part begins, which was aired on the next day.

    In a scene that is sadly reminiscent of our current life, everyone wears masks to avoid the deadly residue that may be present in the air.

    ACP pradhyuman and team investigate while wearing masks
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    The CID team finds the book Vakeel Saab was reading, and it has cyanide on its pages. Vakeel Saab, like many readers, used to lick his fingers to turn pages β€” and some smart criminal used this (rather unhygienic) habit to kill him!

    The book belongs to a library, and the CID team goes there and talks to a very nervous librarian.

    A scared librarian looks on while ACP pradhyuman questions him, while a crowd is gathered behind them
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    We FINALLY find out that Vakeel Saab's name is Mr Mathur. I'm going to keep calling him Vakeel Saab, though, because it sounds more impressive to me. 

    The librarian leads Pradyuman to the previous issuer of the book, High Court lawyer Mr Singh, who was a rival of the late Vakeel Saab. Mr Singh is arrogant and an all-round shady guy.

    ACP pradhyuman and team speak to a lawyer, mr singh
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    Mr Singh does direct them to the right track, however, by mentioning Vakeel Saab's latest case wherein a criminal was in lock-up, and died before he could appeal against the charges he was accused of. This alleged criminal's brother, Arun, worked at a chemical lab. This gives him both the method and the motive to murder Vakeel Saab!

    There is a random upbeat music sequence at the lab where Arun worked, culminating in the big reveal β€” the lab's poison cabinet has been ransacked!

    ACP pradhyuman and team go through the poison cabinet and make a startling discovery
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    The cyanide has been stolen by Arun!

    'Tis him!!!!!

    A main smiles and looks like he's raising a toast
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    We see a throwback sequence confirming Arun as the killer. AND he is planning to kill the librarian too!

    The episode really affirms its 90s origins by having this flashy quick-cuts editing sequence.

    Fireworks Productions

    Arun's about to bump off the poor librarian using the same cyanide-book method, when...

    CID TO THE RESCUE! Despite all the OTT-ness and logical gaps, I found myself rooting for Pradyuman and team. It's the climax, so of course we get a chase sequence.

    Fireworks Productions

    The scene takes place across the entire library, which, incidentally, reminds me a lot of my old school library. Memories :(

    Cornered, the desperate Arun β€” who only wanted to take revenge from the cruel lawyer who locked up Arun's brother in jail, where he died β€” takes his own life by consuming the cyanide.

    Fireworks Productions

    The episode just ends here β€” no conclusion, no arrest, no final scene tying it all together. I'm taking this as a commentary on how death comes without notice. Deep AF!

    Congratulations, to-be-ACP Pradyuman, you cracked a tough case!

    Fireworks Productions

    Final verdict: I enjoyed it! "CID" is one of those shows that you can watch any time, with no background knowledge or prior context, making it a fun watch. Bonus points for the over-the-top soundtrack and editing effects. We do love some classic 90s editing in our daily soaps.

    Meanwhile, don't try to contact me for the next month, especially by breaking the darwaaza of my house. I'll be busy binge-watching the entirety of "CID" πŸ˜Ž