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    This Puppy Photo Booth Is Genius Adoption Booster

    Selfie game strong with these pups.

    The Humane Society of Utah recently tested a new adoption tactic.

    While many shelter photos make us reminiscent of Sarah McLachlan songs, a rescue agency in Utah has broken the mold with what might be the most successful adoption tactic ever.

    Guinnevere Shuster / Via Facebook: HumaneSocietyOfUtah

    Photographer Guinnevere Shuster took several pups that she felt "needed a little extra help getting adopted or that don't do well in a shelter setting" into a photobooth experience. Here the dogs were played with, treated, and just overall spoiled (as they should be) in order to help them relax and let their real personalities shine.

    Guinnevere Shuster / Via

    The end result was not just oodles of cuteness, but a resounding response from potential adopters. Guinnevere (who is also the social media coordinator for HSU) says, "It helps a great deal, almost all of these dogs have been adopted within a couple days of being posted, some even have people lining up at the front door before we open."

    More "Aww" Overload:

    Guinnevere Shuster / Via Facebook: HumaneSocietyOfUtah
    Guinnevere Shuster / Via
    Guinnevere Shuster / Via

    Hopefully more shelters across the US will take a lesson from HSU and Guinnevere. Puppy photobooths are the way of the future, amirite?

    For more information (and more pictures of sweet faces!) visit HSU's Facebook or

    Remember, "rescued" is the best breed!

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