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17 Things You May Or May Not Know About "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"

"Iiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised..."

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3. Quincy Jones was on board as an executive producer. The show ended up being based on his family.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images / Via Getty Images

Here we see Quincy, his daughter Rashida Jones, and Will in 2007 at the Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood.


7. Carlton's famous dance was actually inspired by Courteney Cox, Bruce Springsteen, and Eddie Murphy.


Weird combination, I know. The actor actually blended two dances from the entertainers together to create the dance we all know and love (and have probably tried to do at some point in our lives).


14. The cast had a secret diary that they kept stashed on set in the kitchen.


In between scenes, the cast would write jokes or notes to each other while shooting episodes. Karyn Parsons (Hillary Banks) took the diary with her after the show went off the air.