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    21 Things Your Grandmom Does When She's Your Right Hand Woman

    For all of our grannies that are our ride or dies.

    1. There is nobody that loves you and supports you like she does.

    2. But at the same time, she's extremely blunt about your physical appearance. Like, borderline savage.

    3. She keeps asking you when you're getting married and you're just like:

    4. You call her for cooking advice, even though you know she can't give you any specific measurements.

    5. If anybody messes with you, she's literally ready to throw hands at ANY time.

    6. I mean literally, don't try it.

    7. She takes gossiping to the next level — and likes to call you for the inside scoop sometimes.

    8. She will call you at any time of day, no matter what you're doing.

    9. And FaceTime looks something like this:

    10. You guys may be best friends and all, but she can still strike fear into your soul with just one look.

    11. If you're coming over to visit, she will start cooking an aggressive amount of food at least a week in advance.

    12. And she doesn't really give a damn about any of your dietary restrictions.

    13. And if you don't eat the food she makes you...oh wait, that doesn't happen.

    14. As a matter of fact, you don't ever have to worry about being hungry.

    15. She'll always spot you if you need some extra change.

    16. She is definitely the most affectionate person in your life, hands down. And you love all of it.

    17. She gets you super thoughtful gifts on holidays!

    18. And although she has all the wisdom, sometimes you teach her new things too.

    19. Like bringing her up to speed on the latest technology!

    20. I mean let's face it, you bring out her younger side.

    21. But at the same time, she definitely makes you realize that deep down, you're really an old soul.