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    • rhiannonp454ae09e0

      Oh WHAt a saintly hero! Like he doesn;t approve of rape threats! Someone tell the pope to have him canonised.. Women’s place in rap has pretty much traditionally been as bitches and hoes whose sexual degradation escalates the rapper’s gansta cred, and a rap battle tends to consist of two men competing over who is going to sexually violate the other’s sister or mother the most (and it’s kind of pathetic with the ”I’ll fuck your sister” that he assumes the sister in question would WANT to fuck him ..like she is not a person that makes decisions.. and it also implies that if a woman has sex she is somehow degraded)..so if a battle is about who will sexually dehumanise the other’s sisters or mother the most - what happens when one of those sister or mothers is standing up to battle you? I am really sick of the whole ”she is someone’s sister or mother” line.. What a woman is in relation to any man, is not relevant. She is a HUMAN in her own right.

    • rhiannonp454ae09e0

      ”Researchers” did this study. Well this tells me everything I need to know! When people are told what they want to hear they are unlikely to check the study out. On closer investigation - non-academic people who don’t know what a REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE is, selected specific performers from an Indie producer making films that are dramatically different from 90% of what is actually being watched judging by sales charts and numbers of downloads.. It would take an essay to critique all the problems with their methodology, but in short, this would not pass a first year assessment. When you look at statistics of child sexual abuse, suicide and drug overdose rates, likelihood of rape and violence, STDS and poverty rates based on THE WHOLE POPULATION, this is a vile piece of propaganda.

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