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What Will Twin Peaks Season 3 Look Like?

Earlier this week Showtime announced the return of cult classic Twin Peaks in 2016. With two years to wait, fans are left to speculate: what stories will it tell?

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Showtime's Official Announcement

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What We Know

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- Nine episodes will air, all written by Frost/Lynch, and all directed by Lynch.

- This is NOT a remake. It will exist in the same universe 25 years later.

- According to Mark Frost, this line and the events of the finale are IMPORTANT.

- Some of the old cast will return, but there will also be some NEW faces.

Where We Left (SPOILERS)

In the FINAL episode of Season 2, Windom Earle kidnaps Annie and takes her into the Black Lodge. Dale Cooper shortly follows after them, passing through the red curtain entrance alone.

At the Hurley house, Doc Hayward treats Nadine's head injury. To the dismay of Ed and Norma, she suddenly regains her memory, realizing she's no longer a teenager and no longer in love with Mike Nelson.

At the Hayward house, Benjamin Horne and Eileen Hayward try to console a very upset Donna, who just learned that Ben Horne is her actual father. When Doc Hayward returns home, he becomes enraged and attacks Ben, slamming his head into the fireplace. This leaves Ben unconscious and bloodied.

Meanwhile, Audrey chains herself to the Twin Peaks bank vault in protest of the Ghostwood project. Suddenly, Andrew Packard and Pete arrive at the bank. They open a safe deposit box left by enemy Thomas Eckhart only to find a bomb with the note "Got you, Andrew! Love, Thomas." The bomb explodes, blowing out the bank windows and several dollars bills.

At the Double R Diner, Bobby proposes to Shelly, but she remains reluctant seeing as she's still married to her abusive husband Leo. What they don't know is that Leo is currently stuck in the woods with Windom's tarantula trap hanging over his head. At a nearby table, Major Briggs and his wife meet with Dr. Jacoby and Sarah Palmer, who has an urgent message for Major Briggs. In an otherworldly voice she says: "I'm in the Black Lodge with Dale Cooper. I'm waiting for you."

Back at the Red Room, Cooper meets Laura Palmer once again. Before she disappears, she says "I'll see you again in 25 years." When Coopers becomes overwhelmed by his fear for Annie he enters the realm of the Black Lodge. Windom tells Cooper that he will let Annie live if Cooper gives him his soul. Cooper agrees but this transaction is reversed by BOB who instead takes the soul of Windom Earle. A doppleganger of Cooper then appears, chasing the real Cooper until he is caught.

In the woods, Harry finds Cooper and a bloody-faced Annie lying outside the lodge entrance. The next day, Cooper wakes up with Harry and Doc Hayward watching over him. All seems fine, until he slips away to the bathroom to "brush his teeth". In a shattered bathroom mirror, we see BOB appear as Cooper's reflection. The two laugh manically as Cooper mockingly repeats, "How's Annie?"

1. What happened to Dale Cooper?

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With BOB possessing Cooper for a quarter-century, there's no telling what sort of terror has ensued in the town. It's likely that evil-Dale used his power to botch any further investigation into the mystery of the Lodges.

Thereafter, I imagine that BOB either used his new vessel to spread chaos worldwide, namely through the FBI, or disappeared completely from Twin Peaks only to commit a slew of murders in nearby towns (as to keep the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department unaware).

2. How IS Annie?

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From the looks of it...NOT TOO GOOD. It's uncertain whether or not Annie survives the Black Lodge that night. IF she were to pull through AND remember what happened, evil-Dale would do everything in his power to make sure that NO ONE found out about his true identity.

In the deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me we see Annie wearing the same ring that Laura Palmer and Teresa Banks wore before their murders. However, one of the nurses steals the ring off her finger! Whether that means Annie was doomed to be BOB's next target has yet TBD.

3. Is Audrey alive?

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ABSOLUTELY. While the blast appeared fatal the vault door most likely protected her from the worst of it. Sherilyn Fenn said in an interview that she "liked to think that [Audrey] would be running her [father's] business" and "is probably with Dale Cooper".

I always imagined that Audrey left Twin Peaks and became her own Special Agent. It's only after 25 years that she FINALLY returns home. This time to investigate a string of seemingly unrelated murders. Can she save Dale Cooper from BOB?

4. Ben Horne?

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EHH? The "I'm-your-real-father" story wasn't the most well hashed subplot out of Season 2. I would argue that Ben IS alive, but would Richard Beymer return?

It's hard to imagine a Twin Peaks without Ben Horne, but I doubt he'd be the same scheming businessman. If Audrey is running her father's business, there's not much point in bringing his character back. Maybe a Ben-has-amensia subplot?

5. What about Nadine?

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Ed and Norma are finally happy, but poor Nadine, what's left for her?

I like to imagine that the head injury stimulates her creative genius. FINALLY she finds success in her *silent drape runner* project and her many other inventions. As the now richest woman in Twin Peaks, Nadine will see to it that she's making money!

6. Are Shelly and Bobby married?

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OF COURSE. No matter what happened to Leo, Bobby and Shelly end up together. Dana Ashbrook said in an interview that he imagined Bobby as "some sort of sad car salesman, a way sad guy."

Really??? I always thought Bobby would be a Deputy Officer at the Sheriff's Department. As for Shelly? Owner of the Double R Diner, of course! And their kids would be the coolest at Twin Peaks High.

7. What about Lucy and Andy?

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Lucy and Andy NEED to return. This is a requirement. No matter whose the baby daddy these two were meant for each other! I imagine that they're enjoying married life and still working at the Sheriff's Department.

Also who doesn't want to meet a lil' Lucy or Andy Jr?

8. Will James return?

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MAYBE. In an interview, James Marshall discussed his ideas on a revival:

"I think [James] probably would have left Twin Peaks for a really long time, and I think he would have come back many years later. By then he would have been involved in probably a Bookhouse Boys kind of thing, they’d kind of be the unsaid cops of the county, and they’d take care of stuff."

Maybe take care of BOB once and for all???

9. Will we FINALLY meet Diane?

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HOPEFULLY? Who better to help save Cooper from BOB than the woman he confided all of his case secrets to?

Secretary turned FBI Agent, perhaps? Diane joins Special Agent Audrey on her return to Twin Peaks as they investigate the disappearance of ex-Special Agent Dale Cooper. Could Diane have the key to solving the Blue Rose cases?

10. Conclusion

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While I would LOVE any of the above to happen, I do hope that this is an opportunity to bring fans everywhere a more satisfying conclusion to the story and maybe introduce some new, DIVERSE faces. Whatever happens, we're glad it's in the good hands of Mark Frost and David Lynch.


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