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    "Daisy Jones And The Six": 20 Behind The Scenes Facts That Made Me Say "Wow", "What?!" Or "Wild!"

    What do you mean, I can't see this band live??

    After being delayed due to COVID, the much-anticipated show finally landed on Amazon this March. From hair to outfits, music to locations, the show immerses its viewers in the vibrant yet gritty music scene of the '70s. But how did the cast and crew bring the story to life, and what's it all about?

    1. It's about a fictional band called Daisy Jones and the Six

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    Rising from a garage in Pittsburgh to the heights of fame as one of the biggest bands of '70s, Daisy Jones and the Six seemed to have the world in the palm of their hands. But it was no secret that the band had its dark sides. Their secrets were the pin in the grenade, and once they were out, they blew apart the band at the very peak of their success.

    Years later, the band returns to explain what happened all those years ago.

    2. It's based on a best-selling book by Taylor Jenkins-Reid

    Image of author Taylor Jenkins Reid at the premiere of Daisy Jones and the Six

    3. It's done in the style of a documentary

    4. While Daisy Jones and the Six wasn't a real band, its foundations are definitely grounded in reality

    Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham on stage, singing passionately into the same mic with their faces close together

    5. Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham's dynamic amongst themselves and the rest of the band is exactly what Daisy and Billy's relationship was born from

    Sam Claflin as Billy and Riley Keough as Daisy, singing in the mic together on stage

    6. The show was executive produced by Reese Witherspoon and her company Hello Sunshine, and she was adamant that the band would be as real as possible

    Riley Keough, Reese Witherspoon and Sam Claflin at a Daisy Jones and the Six event

    7. The actors learned their instruments and sung the material

    8. They were thrown into the deep end, living out every aspect of the band's lives

    A screenshot from the trailer, showing the band performing to a sold out stadium

    9. The songs we hear in the show are the official recorded versions, but the cast's musical skills were tapped into whenever they could be

    A still from the Daisy Jones and the Six trailer, showing Graham, Karen, Billy and Eddie looking awed on a soundstage

    10. Exec producer Reese Witherspoon was a big part of the behind the scenes, but she was "desperate" to get a star turn with the band

    Reese holding her hands to her heart and smiling at Suki Waterhouse

    11. Despite Daisy actor Riley Keough being the granddaughter of none other than Elvis Presley, Riley had never sung before the show

    12. Sam Claflin "butchered" Elton John's "Your Song" in his audition for the role of Billy

    Sam Claflin as Billy Dunne, leaning back in the driver's seat of a parked car, wearing sunglasses

    13. There's an Easter egg in the opening credits

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    Billy's headstrong wife Camila is a photographer, who initially hits the road with the band to build her portfolio and carve out her own creative path.

    Played by Camila Morrone, Camila Dunne is often seen snapping candid shots of the band. But one of the show's more discreet touches of genius is its opening credits, which are compromised of Camila's photos.

    Post-producer Mandi Price said: "The easter egg of the main title sequence is that it's from Cami's point of view. She's a photographer, and it's her photos through the whole main title."

    She followed up, saying: "It was a long process, but it's one of the most special main titles for me that I've ever worked on."

    14. Camila and Karen are pals on screen, but they were besties off-screen


    ‘to love’ march 3rd link in bio 🥰

    ♬ To Love - sukiwaterhouse

    Camila and Suki's friendship isn't just acting on the show.

    Camila recalled a time when she and Suki got in trouble for chatting too much during takes.

    She laughed as she reminded Suki of the moment in an interview for Town and Country Magazine, saying, "Do you remember the Timothy Olyphant scene, when he's talking to Billy, to Sam Claflin, and they're sitting in the front and they're like 'Quiet in the back!' And it's just like me and Suki having a beer in the background—and we forget that we're supposed to mime. And we're like, 'so tell me everything.' Like, 'Quiet Suki and Cami, we can hear you!'

    Suki followed up, saying, "Yeah, we definitely had that natural friendship. Our friendship evolved [quickly]—when you meet someone and start working with them and spend like 12 hours a day together for two years, you know everything about each other's lives and start dissecting everything and that bleeds into the show."

    15. In case of life imitates art, the album of songs from the show reached #1 in the US on iTunes

    WOW!! Look what YOU did??! ❤️ If you want to know ALL the lyrics, stream Aurora HERE:

    @ReeseW / Atlantic Records / Via Twitter: @ReeseW

    Daisy actor Riley Keough said she was surprised at how fun the process of recording an album was, saying, "It’s much more fun than acting. I mean, it was a crazy journey for us because neither of us had ever sang really or played guitar. To be honest, we were kind of awful to begin with."

    She said on the album's release day: "I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to know what it’s like to record an album, it’s an experience I will always hold close to my heart."

    It's not often a fictional band tops the charts!

    16. While it's an age-old tale of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, Riley Keough wanted to ensure the topic of addiction and substance abuse was approached respectfully

    A head and shoulders shot of Riley at an angle. She wears her red hair over one shoulder with large sparkling dangly earrings and a metallic strappy dress.

    17. Similar to Riley, Sebastian Chacon saw parallels between his own life and his character, drummer Warren Rojas

    Sebastian Chacon crouching on a top of a red box and looking mischievously off to the side

    18. Inspiration came from some unusual places...

    The Wiggles on stage, with Emma singing

    19. From inspiration down under to inspiration from the Pride Lands...

    Josh posing for a photoshoot

    20. The cast and crew were all about the authenticity

    The band on stage in the show

    So, now I'll need to find a support group because the book and this show made me stan a band that not only can I never see live, but don't actually exist.

    Have you been watching Daisy Jones and the Six? Are you loving it?! Let me know in the comments!