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    These 52 Cakes Are So Realistic, You Just Might Question Reality

    I'm pretty much questioning reality right now...

    The launch of Netflix's Is It Cake? got me wondering just how easily I'd be fooled by a clandestine cupcake.

    judge holding a knife, ready to see what's actually cake or not

    Well, I did some research, and let's just say I'm pretty much questioning reality right now...

    1. I toadilly thought I'd witnessed a murder here:

    2. This is one clawsome cake:

    3. Giving a whole new meaning to the word "sneakers":

    4. I can't stop staring at this...

    5. I can't bowl-ieve this one:

    6. Really quite fintastic:

    7. Chick-fil-NO WAY:

    8. Did someone order a slice of surreal?

    9. Might try biting my next delivery:

    10. I corn't believe my eyes:

    11. So this counts as one of my five-a-day, right?

    12. Who said veg can't be a treat?

    13. This is all cake?! Stop it.

    14. This is bananas on so many levels:

    15. Up this close and still so real:

    16. I can't be-leaf it:

    17. How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine as a cake:

    18. A budding cake illusionist:

    19. No fouls for this display of cake artistry:

    20. This is just eggcellent:

    21. Rugrats the movie, coming to plates near you:

    22. Disrupted realism? You got that right!

    23. Move over Sabrina, this cake is the real magic here:

    24. It's literally a SPONGE cake:

    25. A bunbelievable display of creative talent:

    26. Sugar and spice and all things nice:

    27. Sun, sea, and subterfuge:

    28. A Valentine's 2-in-1 special waiting to happen: flowers that are cake:

    29. A breakfast of champions:

    30. Hot dog? Hot damn!

    31. Holy smokes, you're telling me this isn't ribs?!

    32. Mac'n'please stop, I don't know what's real anymore:

    33. Blooming fantastic:

    34. Just an average cup o' joe...

    35. These boots were made for eatin':

    36. This cake is berry deceptive:

    37. Hello, I'll take one tower of trickery please:

    38. This honestly makes me feel so conflicted:

    39. Please explain to me how one cake looks like hundreds of individual noodles?!

    40. This is literally a cupcake.

    41. Full of vitamin C: C for cunning and creative, that is:

    42. I would 100% order a footlong cake sub:

    43. Crispy sneaky beef:

    44. I am absolutely stag-gered by this cake:

    45. Roast dinner, anyone?

    46. Unbe-wreath-able:

    47. You're telling me this isn't just an ornament?!

    48. A divine display of deception:

    49. Cake sorcery? Laura's got it in the bag:

    50. Surreptitious but delicious:

    51. I never knew cakes could look straight into your soul...

    52. What a boot-iful cake:

    Now, since you've been on this trippy journey with me, I'll leave you with some tweets that sum up how I feel after this barrage of bonkers bakes:

    @MNateShyamalan on Twitter / Via Twitter: @MNateShyamalan

    I'm not sure anymore.

    How sure are you that you're not actually made of cake?

    don't trust anyone, not even yourself

    @fueiho_boogie_ on Twitter / Via Twitter: @fueiho_boogie_

    Top advice, guys.

    And finally, the ol' classic Twilight scene you all know and love:

    @theofluffycat on Twitter / Via Twitter: @theofluffycat

    It definitely goes exactly like that in the movie.

    Which was your favorite illusion cake? And could you bring yourself to tuck into some of the more out-there bakes, like the raw chicken breasts?! Let me know in the comments!