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37 Times The Aesthetics In "Stranger Things" Meant More Than Meets The Eye

From Eddie's hair to Max's scrunchie, nearly everything had a secret message in Season 4, Part 1.

Stranger Things is known for its stellar attention to detail when it comes to authenticity around its '80s settings and historical accuracies. However, that's not the only area with such dedicated attention to detail.

1. California and Hawkins color palettes

2. Costuming with military precision

3. Eleven's mish-mash style

4. Mike's long hair

5. Lucas's cool new cut

6. Will's signature bowl cut

7. Eleven's familiar hairstyle

8. Max's simple hair

Max wearing her hair pulled back in a dark blue scrunchie, looking serious

9. Dustin's Steve-influenced 'do

10. Hopper's shaved head

11. Nancy's fluffy perm

12. Eddie's hair-rock hair do

13. Chrissy's good girl vibes

14. Jason's Risky Business hair

15. Eleven the clothing chameleon

16. Karen's Jazzercise gear

17. Argyle's eclectic style

18. Eddie's like an onion — he's got layers

19. The Hellfire Club tees

20. Lucas' sporty look

21. Will's time capsule clothing

22. Max goes function over fashion

23. Nancy's mature look

24. Jonathan's found color!

25. Robin's look

26. The sole of the story

Lucas's wearing green and white Converse on the basketball court

27. The meaning of the meanies' looks

28. Clothes sometimes serve as layers of protection

Eleven roaring with emotion, her hand outstretched, wearing a plaid shirt over a grey t-shirt

29. Dustin's DIY fashion

30. Chrissy's blue-tiful eyeshadow

31. Reebok recycling

Eleven holding her diorama, wearing a baggy plaid shirt over a grey t-shirt

32. Robin's journey

33. Steve Cruise

Steve wearing Eddie's denim vest

34. Eleven's jewelry

Eleven pointing, with a ring on her finger

35. Mike's Cali look

36. There were several wigs per character with slight variations

37. Time in a (perm formula) bottle

School bully Angela with her hair half up in a pink scrunchie atop her head, while the rest sits around her shoulders

The attention to detail and the thought that goes into every element of what we see on screen is just astounding.

What's your favorite Stranger Things look?! Let me know in the comments!