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Someone Live-Tweeted Almost All 26 Hours Of The Macy's Tree Man Drama And It's As Amazing As You'd Expect

"He just threw an apple at the popo"

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College can be stressful and exhausting studying for exams, so one University of Iowa student, Nick Meyer, took it upon himself to live tweet almost all 26 hours of the Macy's Tree Man drama.

Procrastinating like most college students do, Nick was diligently avoiding his upcoming Physics exam when he came across the live-stream.

The tweets begin with Nick making a bold proclamation to the Twitterverse.

I'm currently watching a live stream of a man stuck in a tree while I study the future is now

Then things start to escalate...

he keeps sawing off a branch and then climbing down and sawing off the next one

And escalate...

he just threw an apple at the popo

... and the tree man began to receive some much deserved attention.

people have gathered around and wrote on pizza boxes praising Man In Tree

He did climb 80 ft. after all.

Seattle Police

The authorities weren't as amused...

o shit they brought in a crane to remove him

But tree man was prepared.

this mofo just whipped out a blanket, he tryna sleep in the tree

... really prepared.

I have just discovered that the reason Man in Tree hasn't fallen is bc he brought a harness, this bitch came prepared

He then began to casually nest, because that's what trees are for.

10 minutes ago he threw a bunch of tree branches at spectators and now he's just chillin there like a lil egg

Even SWAT made an appearance.

a guy from a SWAT team showed up but he takin a break to eat a lunch his nice lil wifey picked in a brown paper back (I'm not sexist)

He then napped, because everyone knows climbing trees is tiring.

he's napping now so it might be okay for me to go to bed but I'm scared I will miss something

Thankfully our fearless live-tweeter didn't go to bed and we were blessed with this...

the live feed cut out for 2 mins and when it came back he was standin up and itchin his butt, i am riding an emotional roller coaster

Who would've guessed the Tree Man was MacGyver?

he's breakin off branches and makin a fuckin bed in the tree

Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder...

the man narrating the live feed is now talking about the zodiac killer. worlds are colliding

It was at his point that our committed live-tweeter took a short 8 hour break for sleep, as most people do. But low and behold...

HELL YA I just woke up and he still up there

After 26 hours our Hero had had enough.

And the crowd goes wild!

HES ON THE GROUND ok he's sitting on the ground by the tree, all the ppl are cheering for him

Cue the police sirens...

aw man the popo is prepping an ambulance to take him to a mental hospital :(

Bringing the live-tweeting of a lifetime to an end.

aight they took him away to the nuthouse, thus ends my live tweet, thanks for tunin in folks

The real victor is our committed and determined narrator himself, who found true clarity and inspiration, all thanks to the Macy's Tree Man.

if this guy can stay in a tree for 26 hours I can pass my physics midterm

Nick, we commend you.

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