16 Things You'll Only Understand If You Love Dogs

    Because there's no better best friend than a dog!

    1. Nothing gets you to stop in your tracks like the sight of a cute doggo

    2. You already have the names of all your future dogs planned out.

    3. You follow ALL the dog Instagram accounts. Heck, you probably run a few of them yourself!

    4. Taking vacations always leaves you missing a piece of your heart because it means leaving your buddy at home.

    5. When someone tells you that their dog likes you, it makes your day!

    6. Your dog is the background on your phone, duh!

    7. It's so, so, SO hard to resist the head tilt!

    8. You're convinced that you have THE cutest dog in the world

    9. Rolling on the ground with your furry friend is completely normal to you.

    10. You simply cannot watch a movie in which a dog dies.

    11. While your friends hit the mall, you're usually at the pet store, picking out treats for your little ones at home.

    12. When you scroll through Tinder, you immediately swipe right if they have a dog.

    13. Your date MUST love dogs more than anything else in the world. There's no excuse.

    14. You’ll gladly stop any conversation to announce that there is a doggy nearby.

    15. Your phone is FILLED with doggy pictures.

    16. And finally, a hug from your puppy is the way you want to end every. single. day.