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    • rhapsodysia

      I got over my embarrassment long ago after I realized people are just shallow assholes if they care about body hair that much. The itching and irritation after shaving is the worst part, especially on the face and in the butt crack. Cetaphil lotion is my best friend, it keeps my skin soft and bump free. I don’t even bother with my pubes anymore since my boyfriend is more than happy to shave my pubes himself. I welcome it since I get so tired of shaving. I’m just glad I’m a natural blonde, because otherwise my arms would make me look like I had a chimp as a parent or something xD

    • rhapsodysia

      Number 11 was always my big one when I was single or had only been with someone for a short time. That resulted in a bad breakup a couple of years ago when a guy wanted to tame me into suburbia and kids (everything I absolutely do not want). Picture this: I chose a public place to break up, to be safe. A park I knew would be busy. He was a 22 year old man-child… still lived at home, never had a real job, parents paying for him to go to community college, he wasn’t allowed to stay at my place past 6 o’clock and I had to leave his parents house before the sun went down. and to top it off, had Aspergers which he used as an excuse for literally everything under the sun… I missed my younger cousin’s 16th birthday (who has the same birthday as me, so it’s a special day) because he couldn’t even sit in the car for a few minutes for me to stop by because he deemed himself too socially awkward. His fists were pounding on a table we were sitting at, threatening to hit me, raising his voice, saying I was ruining his chance of ever being happy, saying that he wished for bad things to happen to me. Wanted to marry me, bought a ring (with his parent’s money) and everything. And we’d only dated 6 months. He was so blindly enraged that I had to call his brother to pick him up. The initial bad gut feeling red flag was when his mother called him on our first date demanding he come home… and it was 8 PM. Lesson learned: Never be with somebody who wants to tame your spirit or change you. Find somebody who wants to run alongside you in life in the same direction (I did find that somebody!).

    • rhapsodysia

      My first real date with my boyfriend was a night time drive to the beach in his corvette. Lots of getting to know you questions, deep & philosophical conversation and some silly banter. At the beach it was a lovely stroll, star gazing, sex on the beach and cuddling. So romantic! It still makes me swoon thinking about it. Romantic things have never happened to me, but for the first time in my life, I was swept off of my feet. What a man!

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