The 25 People You See At Every Fraternity Party

Every college student has seen them at one time or another.

1. The freshman who is pretending he wants to rush but actually just wants free alcohol.

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2. The sober pledge.

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3. The one that likes to take his clothes off.

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4. The girl who thinks every song is her favorite song.

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5. The creepy guy who already graduated but still comes to parties to hit on younger girls.

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6. The one who pre-gamed too much and spends the rest of the night hugging the toilet.

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7. The one who clearly doesn’t want to be there.

8. The awkward senior girl who judges all the freshmen.

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9. The guy that pours extra alcohol into everyone’s drink.

10. The foreign exchange student.

11. The one killing it at beer pong.

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13. The one who gets really, really high.

15. The hot one with a boyfriend.

16. The one trying too hard and failing.

17. The one that’s sexiled.

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18. The one who makes out with everyone.

19. The one who just wants food already.

20. The one who wants food but is on a diet.

21. The one who passed out way too early.

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22. The nerdy guy that takes all the hot chicks.

Columbia Pictures

23. The sorority girls that are way too proud.

24. The awesome wingman.

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25. The ones who are just so happy to be at college.

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