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20 Websites That Will Make College Life A Little Easier

Between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, work and expenses, college can be a little tough. These great websites will make the best four years of your life the actual best four years of your life.

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Koofers is great when you're figuring out which classes to take. All you have to do is select your school, search for a course, then basic information about the course will pop up including information about the average grades people received and professor ratings. They even feature a list of the best and easiest courses to take at your school based on student ratings. / Via yahoo images

This website gives students a chance to grade their professors and read other students' reviews about these professors, too. It's a great resource for figuring out which professor to take for a given course.


Getting textbooks at your student bookstore can get expensive. Luckily, there are resources like that help you find cheaper versions of your textbooks. You can also sell your textbooks on the site and get advice about textbook saving tips.

Via is great when trying to find a new roommate. You just fill out a quick survey about you, your living habits, and what you're looking for in a roommate and the website pairs you up with people from your school with similar answers. / Via yahoo images

This website has a list of all the essentials and items you might want for your dorm room or apartment. Not only do they have pictures and descriptions of the items, but they also sell them for a lower price than other retailers. Definitely a great site to check out when buying on a budget! / Via yahoo images

Glassdoor allows you to search for jobs by your designated location and field of interest. You can also read ratings and reviews from past and current employees about the job you want to apply for. It's awesome for internships, too.


There's free stuff all around campus if you take a look around, but you can find more secret free stuff by going to and downloading their app. They have free stuff hiding all across your campus, but you have to download the app to find them. / Via yahoo images

Need some help understanding fraternity life or have questions about your fraternity in general? Let Fraternity life expert Patrick Daley be your guide. He can answer almost any questions you have regarding fraternity life to improve your chapter or better your understanding of greek life as a whole.


For those who don't want to live in a Greek house but may be tired of dorm life, is the place to go. They outline the pros and cons of on campus vs. off-campus living, and they also provide information about student loans & scholarships.


Student City is a great website when trying to plan an awesome spring break in or out of the country. With tons of options, spring break advice, and a chance to win a free trip with friends, it's definitely something great to check out.

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