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  • How To Remotely Control Camera?

    Have you ever thought about remote controlling the shutter of your camera, so you can take pictures without needing to physically touch the camera? Besides, the remote should be radio frequency (RF), not infrared, because infrared remote requires clear line-of-sight and will not work in the situation like kite photography. This video shows how to apply 4-channel rf remote control system to remotely control camera taking photo.

  • How To Remote Control AC Heater Fan And Halogen Lamp?

    We use ac 2-channel rf remote control system (S2X-AC220 & C-2) to switch the heater fan and halogen lamp. Unlike our previous model, this one has working current of 10 amp for each channel. So it is ok to control high power electrical devices such as the ac heater fan and halogen lamp. Its input and output voltage are the same as ac 220v. The wiring will be easier.

  • 50M 4CH Waterproof Wireless Remote Control Cloner / Duplicator

    This 4 channel wireless remote control duplicator (model of 0021113) is for cars, garage doors, gate doors, alarm systems, etc. It is a fixed frequency remote cloner (315/433MHz) for copying most common fixed and learning code remote controls. Clone up to 4 remote signals from 4 different remotes. Duplicate your existing remote controllers so you always have a backup. The video shows how to operate this remote control duplicator.

  • RF DC Remote Control Electric Motor Controller

    This rf dc remote control electric motor controller is suitable for controlling dc motor of rolling blinds / doors, awnings, winches, cranes or other home electrical devices and small industrial equipment. Working modes include toggle, momentary and latching. It is easy to wire and operate.

  • How to remote control manual winch?

    This winch is operated by a manual switch. Now we try to replace the manual switch with rf remote controller. The motor of this winch is started by dual capacitor. So we use 4-channel rf remote control system (S4C-DC09 & C-2) to work.

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