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    28 Signs You Went To George Washington University

    You are a true Colonial...whatever that is.

    1. You frequented Gelman Starbucks about 10 times more a day than Gelman Library

    2. You couldn't imagine going to a college not considered a "city school"

    3. You own at least 3 pairs of leggings

    4. You (or at least 1 of your roommates) interned on "The Hill"

    5. Your only cure for a hangover was a bacon, egg, and cheese from GW Deli

    6. You have some sort of resentment towards Georgetown

    7. Even though you have this resentment, you spend most of your time on M St.

    8. It doesn't seem strange at all to you to live in a dorm for all 4 years of college

    I mean, look at this dorm.

    9. You're from New Jersey or Westchester, New York

    10. Big George scared the shit out of you

    Thank god for the new George

    11. You don't understand the concept of school spirit

    Or going to any games of any sort for that matter.

    12. What is this thing you colleges call a "quad"?

    Yeah, we don't have those.

    13. You know more about the @fakeStevenKnapp than the real Steven Knapp

    14. You have a hard time explaining the GW Hippo to anyone

    I'm still not sure I understand...

    15. Why do other people not know what CI is?

    16. Or for that matter, a house scholar? House Proctor?

    17. You try to make people aware of our prominent alumni

    18. You're Jewish

    19. You bragged about how close the White House was Thurston

    20. You reminisce about your days of Snowpocalypse

    Snowpocalypse, Snowmaggedon, Snowzilla, whatever you want to call it. It was a lot of snow.

    21. The Vern? Ew.

    22. You have a Macbook Pro

    23. You were in the minority if you weren't in the Elliott School

    24. You enjoy a good food truck

    CapMac, DC Slices, π Truck, Curbside Cupcakes, Tasty Kabob, The Big Cheese....whichever one. They're all good.

    25. You were Greek

    26. You have no explanation when someone asks why you're the Colonials

    27. You brag about graduating on the National Mall

    28. You miss DC like crazy (if you even left)

    Because how beautiful is this city?!