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    • reynardseifert

      I think you misunderstood me. I read unconfirmed reports (including this NY Times piece) that an anarchist group from Oakland was in Ferguson. I know a lot of people who were in Oakland during Occupy and the violence there was started by anarchists. Actually, I live in Oakland and demonstrations here were very peaceful (I wonder why?) Not all anarchists believe in these sort of tactics, but some do. Again, this is just my understanding. I was not there (in either case) and it’s often hard to know exactly who is doing what, even if you are. Especially since these people are smart enough to cover their faces, not answer questions, and run away.

    • reynardseifert

      My understanding is that a lot of the violence in Ferguson (towards people and property) was caused by white people, especially an anarchist group from Oakland. Most people do not want to burn down their own neighborhoods. After all, they still have to live there. If violence did work, our government would have addressed the root causes of civil unrest decades ago, after the LA riots for instance.

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