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What Would A Map Of Metal Look Like?

Thrash hard on this interactive map. OF METAL. But turn down the music until you can safely headbang solo.

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How do you map metal? Um, what is the square root of awesome? This flashy (and sadly, Flash-driven) site layers audio, visual and historical information to showcase micro-genres of metal. By superimposing genres onto a Game of Thrones-esque map, with the time axis moving left to right, viewers can see the development of metal in a whole new way. Like, for instance, the peninsula of Goth Metal.

Or John Herrman's favorite, Mathcore.

Graphing music is tricky; I did it once for McSweeney's and it took months to decide what a genre even meant. The navigation on the Metal Map is a bit wonky but it's an ambitious stab at getting beyond the meaningless infographic.

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