The Most Amazing Flying Cat Amazon Customer Images

Da Bird cat toy really makes the fur fly, apparently.

“Aristaeus, a spotted 9 month old Bengal, playing with Da Bird feather toy.”

Whilst doing some internet shopping for my cats last night (don’t judge), I came across a treasure trove of Amazon Customer Images for Da Bird cat toy. Sold. I’ll take 1,000.

“Aristaeus loves this toy. We have made other feather toys but he doesn’t like any as much as Da Bird. It spins as it flies, which drives both cats completely wild!”

“Flying Pila, the very first day she actually hissed at DaBird many times! It was real funny.”

“Flying Pila”

“Flying Saf, both kitties recognize the word DaBird and as soon as I asked them if they want to play DaBird, they rush to closet (where DaBird is stored) and start meowing. I am not even getting close to the closet. Funny.”

“My foster kitten, Everett Peppers, thinks da bird is DA BOMB.”

“My foster kittens, Everett Peppers (l) and Sally Peppers ®, going after da bird.”

“The absolute best cat toy I’ve ever bought! Cats bug me all day to play.”

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