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    • rexv2

      “I didn’t want to hurt you.”  Was the line told to Adam in my non-fiction book, “Lies My Guru Told Me.” There’s a free preview and blurb available on Amazon: Silo’s Humanist Movement, an underground political group with a pernicious philosophy, originated in South America and is active in Canada. Enrico, the guru of a Montreal chapter, launches an extended campaign of brainwashing against Adam, a young man under his influence, coercing Adam into joining this strange system of distorted unreality. The manipulative Enrico plots to set up an unwanted relationship between Adam and a senior woman in the Movement at war with her own womanhood - and Adam is the only one unaware of this deceitful betrayal. What follows is a nightmarish descent into madness: Adam becomes entangled in a diabolical love triangle, subjected to degrading mind control, delusive tactics and sexual assault. Adam gradually begins to understand the true nature of the hell he’s trapped in and starts to find a way out before his sanity is lost. Based on a true story, Lies My Guru Told Me is a complex psychological study, a cautionary tale of the danger cults pose to our society, and an unsettling reminder of the relative ease with which they can enter our lives and take over our bodies and souls.

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