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22 Life Lessons We Learned From The Spice Girls

Let's be honest: the Spice Girls are one of the greatest things to happen to pop culture (not to be too melodramatic or anything). They taught us SO much about life. Mostly about girl power, rocking what you've got, and, of course, the power of friendship.

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1. Always be as fashion forward as possible.

REX USA/Brian Rasic

2. It's important to have a wide range of talents.

3. Cuddling is the greatest.

REX USA/Andre Csillag

4. Subtle product placement is a pivotal part of building an empire.

REX USA/Emma Boam

5. Lack of the human touch is a TOTAL dealbreaker. As is always being on the run.


So, stop right now, thank you very much!

6. Wear your dress as short as you want to.


Especially if your friend is wearing a pair of Wonder Woman-esque hot pants.

7. Everyone is human.

8. Communication is key.

9. Girls are stronger than boys.

At least when it comes to tattooing.
Smithmark Publishers / Via

At least when it comes to tattooing.

10. "If you can't dance, you can't do nothin for me, baby."

11. High-quality special effects are a pivotal part of good film-making.

12. "When you're feeling sad and low...all you need is positivity."

Spice up your life, ladies.
REX USA/Times Newspapers Ltd

Spice up your life, ladies.

13. Don't be ashamed to support girl power.

14. Even if you're a newborn.

15. How fabulous you are only increases over time.

16. Strength, courage, and sexiness aren't incompatible.

17. Neither are feminism and makeup.

18. There's a rainbow in every storm.

19. Always strive to inspire the next generation of kickass women.

20. "Hoes before bros. Ovaries before brovaries."

21. Because what man is worth giving this up for?

REX USA/Richard Young

22. And finally (and most importantly): duckface is seriously sexy.

REX USA/Mike Keating/Newspix

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