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10 Summertime Stains That Are Ruining Your Good Time

Moms rejoice! The dog days of summer are here. You thought your time would be spent poolside, but in truth you’re in your laundry room battling the remnants of dripping Popsicles, grass stains, muddy paws and BBQ sauce. Clothing casualties cost families some major cash, but with a little help you can save your family’s coveted summer wardrobe (and carpets). Check out the season’s top 10 worst stains, then get a free bottle of ecofriendly stain remover from Kids ‘N' Pets to help battle them.

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1. Popsicle stained lips are en vogue, but orange Popsicle stains are the must have in the under 5 set.

2. Ketchup. A toddler food group and the bane of every mother’s existence.

3. Mud masks are your thing; mud pits are theirs.

4. Dog dirt is a whole other ball game. Fido’s mud (and everything involved) is the toughest and smelliest kind.

5. Daily sunscreen is a must; white smears on their bathing suits and t-shirts isn't.

6. Great beach waves are your preferred souvenir from a day in the surf; your fur (and real) baby like to bring home the sand and sea.

7. Two words: BBQ sauce.

8. The season’s must have sundresses and shorts are accessorized with bright green smears on knees, shoes and bottoms.

9. Berries. Tons of juicy, ripe berries.

10. A great day outdoors isn’t complete with some blood, sweat, and tears. As any mother knows, scrapped knees and elbows are a constant.

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