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11 Signs You've Found Your Perfect Match

You know when you’ve found “the one”. And the same goes for your makeup. Choose your perfect match with Revlon.

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1. You've started dressing alike.


Unintentionally of course.

2. Your hands just seem to fit. Perfectly.

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It's too perfect to be a coincidence.

3. Everything you do is in sync.

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4. You finish each other's sentences.

5. And sometimes, you don't even need words to communicate.

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Stop it, you.

6. They prefer savory, while you have a massive sweet tooth.

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So you never argue over who gets the last/all of the chocolate.

7. When you're together you feel...complete.


It's not like you were incomplete without them. But you know what we mean.

8. You share absolutely everything with each other.


You're all "What's mine is yours." (Except if hot chips are involved.)

9. You've lost track of all the "in jokes" you have.

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Most of the time people have no idea what you guys are laughing about.

10. You both have the same (sometimes terrible) taste in TV.


Which means there's rarely a fight over the remote.

11. And you've totally got your big and little spoon positions sorted.


There's no place in the world comfier than that nook.

Some things are meant to be together. For an expertly matched makeup and concealer try new Revlon ColorStay™ 2-in-1 Compact and choose your perfect match today.

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