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  • LOSSES - Short Action Film by Ryan Connolly

    Losses is a short film Written/Directed/Shot/Edited by Film Riot’s Ryan Connolly. Shot with a Red Epic for less than $200 in an extremely short amount of time, with only friends and family volunteering to help out as the crew! Losses is an exercise in how professional a project can be with as little resources as possible.

  • How To Cheat and WIN at a Drinking Race

    Challenge your friends to a drinking race you’re guaranteed to win. It’s all about physics, man! -The Setup: grab a couple of bottles of beer (or soda) and a bendy straw that’s at least as tall as your bottle. Set pint glasses next to them and set up the following challenge! -The Challenge: without moving the bottles (imagine they’re glued to the table), the object is to be first to get all the beer from your bottle into the pint glass, and you *must* use the straw. -The Solution: watch and find out!

  • The Most Absurd Kinect Games of E3 2011

    Pretty much everyone unveiled a ton of new games for Microsoft’s Kinect at this year’s E3, and Max got to play them all. The problem with Kinect games is that they make you look ridiculous - but the real question that needs answering is this: which Kinect game makes you look the MOST ridiculous?

  • Kinect Sesame Street Dance Party

    Max and Conrad Zimmerman test out the new Kinect game Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster and find out.. it’s awesome! You get to act like a monster, tickle Puffalopes, and discover other monsters. We’re not ashamed to admit that this Kinect game for kids was a lot of fun. Check Out All Our E3 Coverage Here:

  • Wii U First Look! Plus More Nintendo 3Ds News from E3

    Today we finally got to see what the console formerly known as “Project Cafe” was all about! The Wii U has a touch screen and will bring a lot of new titles to the Wii such as Assassin’s Creed, Darksiders 2, and Arkham City. The Nintendo 3DS also got a big push with new titles for the device like Mario Kart and Kid Icarus. To See All Our Coverage of E3 week, check out:

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