Who We Are

Hello! We’re BuzzFeed Reviews (or rather, we’re BuzzFeed and we’re writing reviews) and we’re here to help you find the best products, no matter what your budget is.

What makes us different:

When we do a review, we’re not comparing apples to oranges, or cheap products to luxury ones, because that’s not fair; luxury products SHOULD work better. But there are also some great budget and mid-range picks for just about anything you’re looking to buy, so we compare products in similar price points only to each other, to find the one that’s most worth it in its given range. That way no matter your budget, we’ve done the research and testing to make sure you’re getting the best thing out there for the amount you’re looking to spend.

Our research style:

While we do touch and feel and test and try everything we’re recommending, we’re not JUST relying on our own opinions — we’re also talking to experts from across the BuzzFeed universe. (Chefs from Tasty! Home experts from Nifty! Award-winning podcast producers! Full-stack engineers! Beauty icons from As/Is!) And then we’re scouring all the online reviews and comments and tests we can find, from regular users and spec geeks alike, to get the full picture of what each product can do and who it’s best for. Of course, we don’t trust any old review — when it comes to Amazon, we use tools like Fakespot and ReviewMeta to get the lowdown on what percentage of a product’s reviews are legit. And, not to toot our own horns, but we read product reviews like it’s our job (because it’s literally our job), and we’ve gotten pretty good at sniffing out a counterfeit. In the end, though, we always use our tests to make sure any glowing reviews are legit.

How we make our picks:

Some review sites focus more on the technical specs than how the product works in your actual life. Do you really want the best-sounding headphones if they’re going to hurt your head when you wear them? We don’t think so. We’re looking for things that work just as well in the real world as in the lab, work just as well for the beginner as for the expert, and fit just about any budget and lifestyle. Because one person’s holy-grail product is another person’s instrument of torture, we think it’s important to make sure each product we select represents the best choice for the greatest number of people. We have a large pool of testers — all with different body shapes, skin types, hair textures, sleeping styles, pet peeves, coffee orders, cilantro opinions…you get the idea — and assemble a new test team for every category we review. So when we tell you a hair dryer is the best of the best, we don’t mean “the best of the best for pin-straight hair”; and when we anoint a cast iron the One True Pan, you can rest assured that it has passed through the (different-sized) hands of many (differently skilled) cooks. TL;DR: We’ve got you (and you, and you, and you, and you).

How we make money:

As with other review sites, we sometimes get a percentage of sales or other compensation if you buy from one of our links. Some brands that we love don’t pay us at all (looking at you, Ikea and Restoration Hardware), and we still recommend them if we truly think they’re the best (seriously, these RH towels are worth the $$$). But if you return things, we don’t get paid! So it’s always in our best financial and ethical interest to only recommend things we truly think are worth buying and that you’ll think are worth keeping.