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    • reubenmaxr

      Ok,Ican get behind nearly all this list (though the only IP associated with this list I’ve had any considerable contact with is Mass Effect, so what doIknow?), except the aforementioned “cloth coverage is not actually armor” issue, but while Samara may not have “steel skin”, she does haveanearly impenetrable brain-forcefield and hails fromaplanet withawarmer-than-tropical climate. So the fact that she hasasub-tropic neckline on an otherwise full body outfit I’m not really sure counts asatactical flaw, nor doIsee how adding coat tails to her outfit improves its battle readiness. If you want to redesign girl character fashion to be less skintastic, great. That’s an end in and of itself. But if you’re going to defend it as “lack of proper battle gear” and actually mean it you could at least putahelmet on one of them. You’ll notice notaone of the after pics didathing to alter their perfectly coifed, often long and flowing hair, no matter how much that might beabattlefield liability. Just sayin’ even Marcus Fenix wearsabandana…