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10 Gifts Your Dad Will Actually Like

If your dad is a baby boomer, he’s definitely sick of the golf books, dress shirts and subscriptions to Sports Illustrated he gets every year at the holidays. Let the poor man live a little with these perfect retro gifts from his past! (via RetroGiftsCo)

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  • 1. Electric Football

    Electric Football

    Prior to video games, Electric Football was as close as you could get to virtual sporting from the comfort of your own home. If you are new to it, you'll probably be confused why spending an eternity setting up the miniature player pieces is worth it, considering that they all immediately fall down upon activating the motor. But for boomers, this game was their chance to show their friends who was the ultimate Monday morning QB. Chances are your dad still remembers how to make the Triple Threat Quarterback pass. Click here for availability.

  • 2. Original G.I. Joe 12" Action Figures

    Original G.I. Joe 12" Action Figures

    In the early 60's, as Barbie's popularity exploded, toy companies asked themselves an important question: what about boys and dolls? Hasbro took the lead, altering the typical doll body shape to be more manly, clothing it in camo, and equipping it with a bad-ass rifle. Thus was born the original G.I. Joe "Action Figure." That's right, as a wee lad, Pops was playing with dolls and he didn't even know it! Click here to check out the incredibly accurate reproductions Hasbro recently came out with. Dad will love this old-school gift from his childhood, but remember, "it's not a doll"!

  • 3. Erector Sets

    Erector Sets

    It speaks to the innocence of our parents' childhoods that toy manufacturers could produce a toy with this name and no one would snicker, let alone complain. But once you stop giggling and get past the title, you have to recognize that Erector sets were pretty damn cool, allowing boys and their dads to spend hours constructing miniaturized factories, cars, amusement parks or robots, and how they did it was entirely up to them. Click here for the newest sets, or click here to see the original, still in the box models dad would've played with as a kid.

  • 4. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

    Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

    Since 1964 boys have been grinding their thumbs into raw stumps trying to finally land that devastating right jab to the Blue Bomber. Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots have come in and out of style for decades, but there still is no better way to decide who gets that final piece of Christmas ham. Hit this link for fresh boxed sets. For the rest of the list click here!