10 Places We’re Spending All Our Shekels

The best part about visiting a new place is coming back with brag swag — that’s stuff to brag about. And with Israel’s unique designers, galleries, and outdoor markets, you might be left reThinking your entire wardrobe.

1. Oded Arama — Designer


Located in Tel Aviv, this unisex accessory brand makes their colorful and sleek designs by hand, meticulously crafting items to keep you looking fab from head to toe.

2. Talia Sari — Jeweler


With a background in industrial design, jeweler Talia Sari sees art in everyday objects. When asked how she came up with the idea for her two-piece lego heart necklace, Talia said, “While I was in a LEGO shop with my boyfriend, I put these two bricks together and gave him my heart.”

3. Igor Skaletsky — Artist


Igor’s beautifully bizarre artworks have caught the attention of Pinterest and deviantArt users across the web. This Israeli artist’s works can be found at various exhibitions in Israel and beyond, in addition to the pages of magazines.

4. Old City Shuk — Crafts Market


The open market in Jerusalem’s old city is essentially a secret treasure trove. With a mix of vintage goods and handmade artisanal finds, the Old City Shuk rivals any hipster thrift shop; even Macklemore would be jealous.

5. Mirit Weinstock — Designer & Jeweler


Though based in Israel, Mirit’s work is sold in fashion capitals all over the world, including Paris, Japan, and Hong Kong. Her collections offer everything from jeweled leather shoes to extravagant wedding dresses.

6. Noa Knafo — Painter


Working out of Mizpe Yodefat, Noa sells her original works on Etsy! With Middle Eastern influences and modern techniques, her work is a great example of independent art in Israel.

7. Shuk Hapishpeshim — Thrift Market


Getty/ Elena Zapassky/ 171315508


Located not too far from Jaffa’s port, the most amazing finds wash up in Jaffa’s open market. From jewels and hookahs to musical instruments, this thrifter’s paradise is a modern gypsy’s waking dream.

8. Keren Wolf — Jeweler


Keren Wolf if a modern bride’s fairy godmother. Tucked away on the cobblestone streets of Neve Tsedek, Keren is the go-to designer for one-of-a-kind pieces for any special occasion.

9. Jaffa Port Market — Artisanal market

Image courtesy of Shani Burshtein / Facebook: shaniburshtein.DigitalConsultant


If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, then wear horse blinders when visiting this food and produce heaven. If all the offerings around you get you too hot and bothered, dive into the port!


With an extensive roster of artists and authors, the Har-El Gallery in Jaffa is the perfect place to find your next favorite painting, book, or exhibition.

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