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12 Breakthroughs Making The World Better Every Day

Did you know that Israel has the most dense start-up per capita in the world? That's right — one amazing start-up for every 100 people! These innovations are creating a global footprint that'll encourage everyone to reThink Israel and its incredible tech community.

1. Navigating your way through the wildest of rush hours

Waze gives you traffic reports in real time from peers who are driving the very same routes as you. It also collects crowdsourced reports on local gas prices and construction so you can seamlessly reroute your trip if needed.

2. Playing with proteins and their multiple purposes.

Israeli citizens and professors Arieh Warshel and Michael Levitt (alongside fellow chemist Martin Karplus) were awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their breakthroughs in modeling proteins — a practice that can inform everything from evaluating food digestion to customizing prescription remedies.

3. Monitoring global demand for the things we need most.


Evogene forecasts which crops have greater commercial demand around the world, with an emphasis on producing them more sustainably.

4. Building robotic arms for the immobilized.

At Israel's annual BrainTech event in 2013, Israel Brain Technologies gave a $1 million grant to a team of researchers that developed a system where those with degenerative diseases can control an augmented prosthetic limb with their very own brain signals.

5. Providing a smartphone for those who can't see.

In 2013, three Israeli engineers developed and sold Project Ray, a smartphone that enables the visually impaired to take advantage of rich features that range from texting and color recognition to app access thanks to voice and touch-guided technology.

6. Ensuring you've got a strong set of bones.

Based in Haifa, Bonus BioGroup is the first organization in the world that specializes in bone regeneration, which will improve the fields of joint replacement and other various surgical procedures.

7. Giving you an easy way to understand your own chemistry.

GeneG is a smartphone app developed at Tel Aviv University that can display your very own DNA genome via smartphone.

8. Navigating you around major cities using only public transportation.

Moovit is an ingenious smartphone app that will show you up-to-the-minute routes for traveling by bus and train in any metropolitan location worldwide.

9. Breathalyzing in the palm of your hand.

A simple download of Alcohoot and an added device to your smartphone's mouthpiece will give you the ability to check yourself before you wreck yourself on the go.

10. Sorting out exactly what's in your groceries.

Fooducate enables you to scan the barcode of the items in your shopping cart in order to get all the nutritional advice you'd want beyond the manufacturers label from firsthand dietician advice to listing alternatives.

11. Making the government's meeting place environmentally friendly.


Starting this year, Israel's very own Knesset building is setting a global standard by going green: It'll be switching to LED bulbs, optimizing the water supply, and producing solar energy at the same time.

12. Watching your heart rate without actually watching.

EarlySense monitors the health of a hospital patient in real time by way of a mattress embedded with sensors that can send updates and signals to their doctors and caretakers on screens and handheld devices, in addition to a face-to-face bedside manner.