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13 Cafés With A Window Seat Waiting Just For You

Traveling around the world, you have to see the sights. But to get a real feel of the city's culture, all you have to do is grab a window seat at a local café. A little coffee and a lot of people-watching will have you re-Thinking what you thought you knew!

1. Lily Vanilli - East London, England

2. Landwer Cafe - Tel Aviv, Israel

3. Common Grounds - Waco, Texas

4. Little Nap Coffee Stand - Tokyo, Japan

5. Chocolate Fish Cafe - Wellington, New Zealand

6. Attridge & Cole - Belfast, United Kingdom

7. Loveat - Jaffa, Israel

8. Crema - Denver, Colorado

9. The Grounds of Alexandria - Alexandria, Australia

10. Mol’s Coffee House - Exeter, England

11. Snickarbacken 7 - Stockholm, Sweden

12. Lulu - Tel Aviv, Israel

13. La Maison Rose - Paris, France