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These 5 Facts Will Restore Your Faith In American Democracy

Voters overwhelmingly agree that the Supreme Court should address this big problem in our democracy...

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93% of voters want President Trump to nominate a justice who will fight big money politics

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That includes 54% of Republicans who thought it was “very important” that “President Trump nominates a Supreme Court justice who is open to limiting the influence of big money in politics”.

Three in Four Want Congress to Reject any Nominee Not Open to Restrictions on Big Money in Politics

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That’s 77% of all voters, 85% of Democrats, and 70% of Republicans. When was the last time 77% of Americans agreed on an issue? That’s a lot of voters. Listening yet, Congress?

Nearly Every Voter Believes Money in Politics is a Problem

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Only 6% of all voters thought money in politics was “not really” or “not at all a problem”. President Trump promised to “drain the swamp”. A Supreme Court nominee is a great opportunity to start fulfilling that promise.

90% of Voters Recognize the Important Role the Supreme Court Plays in Setting the Rules Around Money in Politics

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So How Can We #FightBigMoney?

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83% of voters agree that big money empowers wealthy special interests over everyday Americans. So the solution is simple, give the “power back to the people,” as Donald Trump promised in his inauguration speech.

Call, tweet, and email your Senators to press the nominee in their meetings and during confirmation hearings so we can confirm whether he understands that our Constitution says that the American people, not wealthy special interests, should drive our democracy. If he does not, Senators should reject his nomination and any other nominee who will help the privileged continue to wield outsized power at the expense of everyday Americans. The Supreme Court should ensure we all have an equal say in the decisions that affect our lives.

These numbers were based on a Hattaway poll. Find the full poll here.

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